Looking for some funky feature wall ideas to inspire your renovation? These 10 innovative ideas should help…

So, you want to renovate your home and need some design ideas? Perhaps you’re buying a fixer-upper with the help of your Nottingham, Newark, Neath or Newcastle based conveyancing solicitor (or wherever you live) solicitor. Or, maybe you’re sick of staring at the same walls each day and fancy a change in your existing home?

Whatever the case, a feature wall is the perfect idea to spruce up a room. A bit of character can be injected – whether that’s a lot or a little – through a simple one-wall-wonder.

With this in mind, these 10 ideas for feature walls, ranging from basic to balmy, should give you some food for thought. Take a look…

Colour Wall

Starting with the basic, and perhaps a little boring for some, you could consider painting one wall a fancy colour. For many, a feature wall will be bright and garish to offset any duller colours throughout the room. However, for others, choosing a more muted tone that complements the others in the room might be your choice.

It really depends on the interior design style you’re going for, as well as your personality. Essentially, the coloured feature wall is a cheap and cheerful way to spruce up a room without costing a fortune. Perhaps it’ll make all the difference.

Wallpaper Wall

Another pretty basic, but more complex, idea for a feature wall could be a wallpaper wall. There are millions of choices, whether you want to go for something art deco, floral, or geometric.

If you’re an artist at heart, you can even purchase famous artwork for a wall. So, if you fancy swapping your TV for a huge version of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, anything is possible.

Exposed Brick

Exposed brick is a great choice if you want something more rustic and traditional. It adds a huge amount of character to a room, whilst also blending in quite nicely to the furniture. Usually, all it takes is the removal of the plaster, which should reveal some lovely red brick beneath.

That said, if you don’t fancy removing a layer of plaster, you could consider contracting someone to create a faux brick wall. This would simply be bits of brick stuck to an existing space. Alternatively, you can even buy wallpaper to mimic this style too.


Moving on to another simple, yet effective, and somewhat practical idea, you could opt for a blackboard feature wall. This is a perfect choice for a kitchen or kid’s bedroom, where shopping lists or revision note are the norm.

Simply buy a pot of blackboard paint, choose a wall, and get stuck in. Once dried, you’ll be able to use chalk and chalk pens to vandalise the wall, non-permanently.

Gallery Wall

If you don’t necessary fancy an entire wall of garish colours and designs, you could choose a gallery wall. Simply paint or wallpaper the wall any colour you’d like, and choose some of your favourite arty pieces, in all shapes and sizes, to decorate on top.

There are loads of online sites these days which provide templates for you to choose your art and your frames and buy them in bulk. This way, you can get a sense of what the finished product will look like. It really is as simple as that.

Mural Wall

For someone who wants a really quirky statement, commissioning an artist to paint a mural is an amazing way to inject your personality into your home. You could choose anything, from honouring your favourite person, to a superhero motif – the choice is yours.

Shelf Wall

Another option is a shelf wall, where you build shelving, or install a whole shelving unit, on one wall. Then, you can do anything you want with it, decorating it with plants, perfumes and other nick-nacks.

You can find some brilliant ideas to get your cogs turning all over the internet. Just find what tickles your fancy and go crazy with it.

Library Wall

If you’re a book worm, or even if you just like the way books give a really authentic and homely feel, you could consider a library wall. This is very similar to a shelf wall, as it requires the same sorts of funds and manual labour.

That said, we want this to be a purely book-oriented wall, filled to the brim with gorgeous bindings. Simply build some shelves, and fill them with all your favourite books. It’ll be a literary marvel to behold.

Wine Rack

A great option for anyone who’s a bit of a wine – or other drinks – lover is a wall dedicated to your favourite beverage. All it’ll take is a sturdy wine rack built against or on your wall of choice, perfect for your collection.

This will give a similar sort of homely and vintage vibe to your house as the book wall. However, it may be a choice for someone who already has a ton of wine in the house. You don’t want to have to spend a fortune on the stuff just because you now have a huge rack to fill!

Cat Playground

We all know cats love to play, and what better way to give them a treat than to provide them with their own playground. Wall mounted cat furniture is both a practical and interesting use of a bear wall. Not only does it give your cats a fun place to play and sleep, it also guarantees more floor space without those pesky cat towers.

Ready to Implement These Feature Wall Ideas for Your Renovation?

So, there we have it; some fun and interesting ways to spice up your home renovation. We hope these ideas have given you some food for thought.

Now, whether you’re buying a home or renovating your existing home, you can rest assured you’ll have plenty of ideas for every room.