Balloons are a clear sign of the birthday party and even as grownups, we cannot let go of the beautiful views created by using the simple element. Bringing the

wedding decoration ideas using these versatile approach means that you can have a perfect and dreamy wedding decor without spending a fortune. So, if you are low on budget then these can be the perfect choice for your needs and can also be used for your other wedding functions as well.

Why go for awesome balloon decoration ideas for your D-Day? 

It is important that your wedding and reception must have a unique personality and using balloon decoration ideas gives just that. Undoubtedly, it brings an exclusive theme and style to the wedding decor. Therefore, it is vital that apart from having scintillating wedding festivities, the previous and the reception must have a sense of creative decor.

Unique wedding stage decoration using a fairy tale theme

Use a grand floral decoration along with the right mix of balloons for a rich and dreamy wedding stage decoration. For instance – a floral stage ceiling having dreamy looking balloons in the background brings the need for expensive stage decoration to a bare minimum. This can be complemented by a royal looking sofa or glass vases to create a spectacular decor. Other excellent ideas include the following –

  • Faux Hot air balloons! 

An awesome wedding decoration idea that works best for your tables is the faux hot paper air balloon. This charming wedding decor idea uses creative flair to create an exceptionally beautiful and elegant look.

You can use this type of paper balloon decoration ideas to light-up as a unique party decor in a jiffy when complemented by beautiful LED tea lights to create a beautiful lantern. Trust us, the result will be the cynosure of all eyes.

  • Confetti filled balloon decoration ideas

It is important to make the best of the affordable balloon decoration ideas by using latex or clear balloons by filling them with generous amounts of confetti. Undoubtedly, you will need professional help but will be worth the efforts. When these clear balloons are hanged near the wedding stage, it results in a colorful focal point!

  • DIY floral tied balloons

Using the above stage decoration ideas, you can hang with these huge theme balloons – large floral garlands or you can use these balloons in metallic shades to create an awesome and eye-catching display of colors. This also means that you do not have to pay a fortune for your special day.

To accentuate these further, you can bring in lots of glass vases along with tea lights to create a stunning piece of decor.

  • Pink is in! 

You can also create special wedding stage decoration by using a wall designed entirely using pink balloons.  You can opt to detail the same using eye-catching golden designs that pronounce your name or simply Mr. And Mrs.  You can use stencils or ask for the help of friends for the purpose as well. Once done, place the at the focal wall and watch the space come alive with fun activities.

Balloon arch wedding decoration ideas

Balloons are a cost-effective way to add q distinct pop of colour to the wedding venue or add to the elegance of the existing wedding decoration ideas. These look gorgeous and welcoming.

One of the common styles of decorating your wedding using arches is using the ombre pink combination along with floral arrangements to create a perfect fit for your wedding day.

  • The string of pearl arches

Another charming balloon decoration idea uses a combination of black and white in a manner that the same looks worthy of a classy wedding decor. Similarly, floral elements like ivy, string of lights, etc. can be woven into the column to bring an awesome decor idea.


  • Rose and hearts! 

Arches serve more purposes than as stage decoration ideas. For instance, you can use the romantic shades of white heart balloons and use rose buds in pink to leave their mark. You will love it when the arch having tiny hearts is used to adorn the cake table!

  • The impressive pillars for your big day

Using the stylish wedding decoration ideas that are placed in the form of balloon columns and decorated with silken ribbons is a sure success. These make a great idea for your main stage as well as dance floor. When used with the above arch idea, it yields a stunning backdrop.

Bringing in the statement ceilings

Statement ceilings are an evergreen addition to the wedding stage decoration ideas especially when it is complimented by the balloons or in form of cluster canopy. If your wedding planner uses the qualities for your wedding day, then be assured that the same is not attached to the ceiling. This is because these can stay up for 18 hours else using the regular balloons, you can hardly get the best results.

  • Tiered floral balloon decoration ideas

Another of the awesome balloon decoration ideas is to create tiered floral chandeliers along with balloons.

You can also go for the drapes setting along with the combination of hues in white, blue, pink and green. As a result of the same, you get the latest outcomes that are both welcoming and bright.

  • Streamer tied balloons

Balloons remain the major theme for many affordable wedding stage decoration ideas. Once you have decided on the right theme shades, use balloons filled with helium gas. Then put up a fresh twist using an assortment of multihued colors, ribbons made from silk or tulle fabric, etc.

Similarly, you can add foliage and ivy leaves to create a dynamic decor idea. Also, you can add specially designed tassels made from silk or craft paper to create an overwhelming sense of beauty for your big day.

  • Balloon releases

The idea works well for a certain number of venues only. However, if it is used, it becomes the highlight of the couple’s big day.

To get this right, you need a special rig to ensure that the end results are great. Attempting to take this as a DIY project is a laborious task. Hence, use a lot of balloons and then use a big net to hold them overhead the main stage. Likewise, tulle, special balloon drops kits, etc. can be used for pulling this together.

This idea works excellent as a last-minute surprise for the cake cutting ceremony.


Frequently asked questions


Question 1- How to get wedding stage decoration on a super slim budget? 

Answer – There are plethora of ways and means by which you can achieve the perfect wedding decor on a budget –

  • Go for the venue’s decoration or bring in your friends to create new ideas
  • Use items like candles, balloons, tulle or artificial ones extensively around the venue
  • Invest potted plants or affordable floral arrangements.
  • If nothing works, bring in ivy or leaf-based garlands
  • Decorate the venue using balloons only
  • Use balloons, tea lights and glitter from online store at huge discounts to create charming table-scapes

Question 2 – For how long can these balloon Decoration ideas last at my wedding venue? 

Answer – Using professional service in getting the right wedding decor brings positive results. If you attempt to take up DIY solutions, you can expect a lot of balloons that burst or fall from their designated places.

So, 11 inches special latex balloons that match well with your wedding theme must be bought in. These can last you for 12-20 hours and can stay afloat if treated using special stuff. On the other hand, foil variants can last for 5-7 days but can burn a huge hole in the pocket. Similarly, air filled balloons can last you longer than these. If you are unsure about what works best for you, take professional help.

Question 3 – How do you make cheap wedding decor apart from using balloons? 

Answer – You can opt to pick up cheap vases, mason jars, etc. from the nearby stores or flea market. Then you can paint them in wedding theme using metallic paint, spray paint, glitter, etc. to have an elegant touch to the big day.

Similarly, move floral arrangements from wedding day to your reception stage while the bridesmaid bouquets, tulle, ribbons, etc. can be reused as table decorations

Question 4 – How long will it take to make balloon garlands or arches? 

Answer – Depending on the length of the garland and the expertise of the creating staff, the same takes around 30 minutes to blow up the balloons. Then a similar amount of time is needed to assemble the balloon and the arches.

Similarly, if you go for DIY solutions, you need around 100 latex balloons to create a medium arch as the ring holds four balloons. The same can take a greater number of balloons if you have not used latex variants