Responsive design is one of the top web design trends now. The main idea of this trend is to create web designs that can easily adopt to the size and shape of the screen they’re being viewed on. And if you want to better understand what responsive design is, you have several options, one of which is to check out an interactive infographic that we’re going to tell you about. This way you will find all you might want to know about responsive design in one place.

Actually, the infographic covers different aspects of RWD: the basics of responsive design, tools for creating responsive designs, free PDF books on the topic, best articles and tutorials in the field of responsive web design, etc. Also, by checking the dynamic infographic you will discover what experts say about the responsive trend.

According to Google Trends the term “responsive design” has been growing in popularity since the beginning of 2011. Now it has reached the highest point, but who said it will stop there? It’s unlikely that people will stop using phones, tablets and other devices to surf the web. So, why don’t you take your chance to learn responsive web design in such an exciting way?

To make a long story short, this article is an invitation for you to explore an extremely helpful infographic. The infographic that provides information on what responsive web design is, why it’s so important and how to make your sites responsive with minimal efforts.

Please note: Below is a static version of the infographic and if you’d like to explore the dynamic version, then feel free to click on the screenshot. Btw, when you get to the dynamic infographics, you will see a set of animated icons arranged in a path. Simply click on the icons in any order you want and you’ll find a lot of useful tips there.