Nowadays, any business without a website is invisible, may it be a big company or a simple corner store. In our times it’s just easier to look on the internet than to even drive around town in search of a product. The good thing is that evolution happens on all levels, and the IT evolution has brought us the code free web builders. With this type of software you no longer have to depend on web designers to have a site made, but you take the matters into your own hands. How? Such a web builder is so easy to use, that even a kid could make a site in minutes. All the coding is like an engine running in the background – all the users sees is stylish templates, fonts and colors. Just like editing an image. Still not convinced? Take a look at this list of the best web builders on the web today.

Winner , red and gold rosette

IM Creator


Enter IM Creator, an easy, yet sophisticated web creator with a comprehensive interface and stylized templates organized into business domains. Everything happens from the top menu, which has all the arsenal you need: galleries, videos, social media, slideshows, links, and the like, all in the form of drag and drop widgets. Shapes form in the instant you drop something on the dashboard. For those of you who can’t quite part with HTML, there’s also a frame element in which you can go free with code details. It goes without saying that it can be positioned anywhere just as easily. Registration is not required for working and testing the service, and the customer support is well organized and comprehensive, including a FAQ, a community forum, live chat and tutorials both in video and pdf format. To top it off, the service is free of charge, making it one of our favorites.


Details are very important for your business website, and nobody knows it better than WebStartToday. It specializes in the business sites field and it offers a collection of over 1000 templates to choose from, for virtually any existing business out there, including child care, funeral services, limo services, cuisine and many more. Don’t be afraid that with this accessible service everyone will have similar websites: with a simple click you can change the colors of your page, thus multiplying the style combinations exponentially. To have your site ready, all you have to do is put your information instead of the demo text.

Site Sumo


Sitesummo is a web builder that offers included hosting. To this end, it is a premium service, but the prices are competitive and start at $20 per month. It also includes a 14 days trial for you to decide if it’s worthy of your business. Additional features include SEO optimization, customer service and a lot of templates. Considering the many benefits, I’d say that Sitesummo is making its premium plans worth it.



Wix keeps a thin equilibrium between simplicity and elegant looks, very dynamic and easy to use, especially with its user friendliness that makes it great for beginners: on one hand, it automatically matches the templates with the domains chosen by the user, and secondly, it has a neverending trial. You can take a whole year if you want to get your site ready, and only after that choose a plan.



When a designer is building a site, they should only have 1 thing on their mind: design. They shouldn’t have to worry about coding and the technicalities of it all. Webydo understands the needs of professional designers, which is why this code-free website builder is made especially for them. In the professional studio, you can pick between a design inspiration, a template, or start with a blank canvas.

Webydo’s drag and drop control enables the upload of images, videos, forums, and links as easy as ever. Since everything is editable, this makes every site created on Webydo unique. It’s all thanks to the designer community that Webydo uses in order to create every feature and element. There, designers can add suggestions and vote on which feature they want to see next on Webydo. The ones with the most votes get sent straight to the development team and it gets put into production right away. The best part of Webydo, it’s 100% free to use.



Aircus is a rebelious web builder, bent on a totally different philosophy. When everything goes towards bombastic and plenty, it sets the vanguard for simple and cool websites. You thought they can’t happen at the same time? It’s the future! And when you look at the templates of Aircus, you understand the futuristic feel. With slim, discreet lines and mainly two dominating colors, it proves its point well. Its target audience is probably the business man who has too much to do to indulge in the choice of a template from a list of hundreds. Thus the templates provided are few, but they should cover even the grumpiest tastes.



uCoz is the most popular site constructor in Eastern Europe, and it gradually gains popularity in other regions. At the moment there are more than 2 million active uCoz-powered websites in 16 language localization. Ever since its launch seven years ago, this platform ensures the highest service quality, and swiftly updates the system to cater the needs of the most demanding customers.

uCoz has no shortage of professional website building tools: even using their free plan you can create a good website without writing a single line of code. Apart from the feature-rich free package, there is another interesting fact: flexible modularity of the system. To put it simply, on uCoz you can modify your website seamlessly using their inbuilt Modules (Chat, Forum, Online Games, Gallery, Blog, E-Shop, etc.).



Without need of registration, MadeFreshly puts you right in the middle of the business, in this case your future virtual store. A specialist in the field, it starts with adding products on the shelves, with several well built and on point templates. However, the free package limits the pictures of products to only one, and the pages to a number of three. But the good news is that plans come at great prices, considering the benefits: $11.99, $19.99 and $34.99 respectively. Extra features include promotion, mobile support and the possibility of using your own custom domain name.



Breezi is an original web builder with its front page mini-search engine stylized as a little nerdy brain that matches your tastes with the templates in the database. Overall database templates combination surpass 60 billion, and if the result is not exactly the one you want, you can always modify it. In this sense, it provides a lot of customizing options, up to the level of pixel control, so in a way it is for perfectionists.



BaseKit is a web builder very rich in features and customization options. With both free and premium plans, it offers a wide range of solutions to match every whim. Besides, if your time is limited, there is always the option to have their team build it for you. It’s as easy as filling a form. Customer support includes video and text format tutorials, as well as live chat and e-mail between 9:00 and 19:00 hours.