Even though Lemon is a citrus fruit, it’s hasn’t got a nice sweet taste to it! Photographers David Wile and April Maciborka decided to use Lemon’s for their next photo series named, Pucker. They would photograph toddlers reactions with their first ever bite of a lemon. In these 12 Photos of Toddlers Tasting Lemon for the First Time, the toddlers reactions and expressions when tasting lemons are priceless!

April and David say:

“Lemons can be a great source of entertainment. Especially when you give babies the opportunity to taste [them] for the first time!”

True to their name, citrus fruits have particularly high concentrations of citric acid. Lemons and limes have even higher concentrations of citric acid than their sweeter citrus cousins, such as oranges and grapefruits. Do you remember your first taste of lemon?

Website: aprilmaciborka.com, davidwile.com