With the unlimited choices you get with phone cases it’s no wonder there’s some silly cases that serve to be a pain rather than a trendy phone accessory.

Case measures are based in the display inches (i.e. 5 inch display). There are different types like, Pouches and sleeves, Holsters, Shells, Skins, Bumpers, Flip cases and wallets, Screen protection and body films and Drop and shock protection.

These 12 Ridiculous Phone Cases That Actually Exist range from Disney Mermaid case that tries too hard to a weird and bulky Lobster phone case that is impossible to fit in your bag or pocket!

2. For when you need an extra nose to pick.

Good luck fitting it in your pocket!

3. When it’s too warm for YOU to wear faux-fur.

iphonecasestar / Via etsy.com

4. If you’re having a really hard time growing up.

Jackonline / Via etsy.com

I mean, we DO all love Disney.

5. If you’re really into snack time.

TheCuriousCaseLLC / Via etsy.com

WARNING: May leave you in a constant state of hunger.

6. When you’re forever alone.

Someone out there must think this is a good idea, right?

7. If your childhood dreams of being an architect have since been destroyed.

You can at least live vicariously through this case!

8. When you’re looking to go undercover.

Well it’s a good disguise for one side of your head, anyway.

9. If you just want people to think you’re weird and artsy.

Lobster case? Yeah, why not.

10. When you just don’t have enough hands.

Natwerk / Via vimeo.com

Text n’ sip!

11. If you want to scare people away.

IPhoneCasesDIY / Via etsy.com

On the bright side, nobody will try to steal your phone.

12. If you’re SUPER nostalgic.

Eh, we’ll pass on this one.

via buzzFeed