What more fun can be had with a bit of time put aside to decorate Easter Eggs. Its the time of year again where the Easter bunny comes a hopping past the house and the spring break is in full flow. If you are staying at home this Easter then chances are you will be invited to an Easter lunch or an Easter Egg hunt. If you have children of school age then they we will be home for the holidays demanding a chocolate Easter egg or three.

The easy option is to hit the shops and take home the brand name Easter eggs. Getting your chocolate fix this way is easy, quick and no fuss. That is if you don’t mind having the same chocolate egg as most of the country. If on the other hand you feel like being a bit unique this Easter and you have kids to please. Why not design your own colored chocolate Easter eggs . These are a perfect idea, designing eggs stops the kids from getting bored. They are the perfect contribution to an Easter egg hunt or party.

Have Creative Fun Decorating Easter Eggs

Colored eggs are the universal symbol of Easter. Coloring and decorating Easter eggs is actually an Easter tradition that dates back all the way back to Mesopotamian times, so long ago. Some world cultures today are eager to buy colored or even chocolate eggs from the retail stores as mentioned above. This is the quick and easy way. Let’s be honest, decorating Easter eggs yourself is always so much more fun and rewarding. It just keeps the kids properly engaged with what Easter is really all about.

For wannabe chocolate egg designers there are endless ways and tons of different decorative materials you can use to design and make a wonderful, gorgeous custom Easter egg. Everyday items such as flowers, cotton threads, sticky tape, even an old bow or tie. All these are common, everyday items. Ordinary household stuff and more can be used to make your chocolate and boiled eggs appear truly exceptional.

15 Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

As with any kind of decorative art, which is what this, is don’t ever be afraid to experiment. The worst that can happen is that it doesn’t really work out and you head to the chocolate shop instead with the hopping mad Easter bunny in tow.
To get your creative design juices flowing, here’s is a great list of 15 creative DIY Easter egg ideas. Some of these colored egg designs are just so pretty, cute and impressive that it’s gonna be hard to crack and eat the chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday.

Decorate Easter Eggs - Marble Easter Egg Designs

Marble Style Easter Eggs

Create marble style Easter Eggs by putting cracked eggs in soy sauce mixture. You can use other sauces also but this is as good as any.

Lace Easter Eggs

Lace Egg Designs

Dip Eggs in Lace for a Pattern Design, these designs are so sweet and delicate.

Taped Eggs

Taped Eggs With Masking Tape

Use tape, like a masking tap effect to add striking colored markers to the eggs, different colored dyes result in a unique banding effect.

Egg Moustache

Moustache Design

Give your Easter egg designs a beard or moustache and have them reaching for the razor.

Health Eggs

Healthy Easter Eggs

Who says an easter egg has to be completely bad. At least with this design the egg can be decorated with healthy seeds, nuts and other types of easy stick foods. Of course you can drop the seeds and add chocolate buttons instead but that would be naughty right!

Masking Taped Eggs

Thin Band Masking Tape Eggs

Use masking tape to create tiny threads between which you can paint vibrant colors and crisscross style designs for an extremely striking colored effect.

Marker Pen Eggs

Marker Pen Egg Designs

This is a very easy design technique but does require a steady hand. Using a marker pen or felt tip simply draw your favorite patterns onto the egg. Amazing fun to complete and you can use different colors if you wish.

Water Color Eggs

Water Color Eggs

Using water color paint and template stencils you can create some stunning stencil designs. Try animals, flowers or random patterns.

Diluted Colored Eggs

Diluted Colored Eggs

Try diluting water colors or dye with each application to create a slightly ligher color. Use tape for sharp edges.

Crochet a Shirt onto an Egg

Crochet Easter Egg Designs

Try taking a bit of crochet, perhaps from an old shawl or shirt and decorate the egg with the loose crochet for a stunningly authentic design.

Old Tie Egg

The Old Tie Egg

Try wrapping an egg ( not a chocolate egg ) in an old tie or fabric and boiling in water with vinegar. The design should imprint into the egg shell leaving an amazing design in its wake.

Drilled Egg

Drilled and Embroidered Designs of Easter Egg

Drain an egg by drilling neat holes into the shell with a thin drill bit. Next use colored thread to draw embroidery patterns across the shell.

Sprinkled Egg Designs

Decorate Easter Eggs – Sprinkled Eggs

Cover the egg in adhesive. If this is a chocolate egg you can use edible adhesive instead. Now dip the egg into your favorite colored sprinkles for a mesmerizing effect.

Flowered Egg Designs

Glue dried flowers to the eggs.

Flowered Eggs

Decorate Easter Eggs – Threaded Eggs

Try wrapping an egg with different colored threads.

Threaded Eggs

There you have it, 15 unique and distinctive Easter egg designs to keep the children (and adults) busy this Easter holiday time. Wonderful and imaginative ways to decorate Easter eggs that you probably never thought of before.