15. Dad Knows Best


Fathers always know best, and this instance is no different. The reason this lesson is so great, it because everyone got to share in the laugh. You have to admit, he has a point.

Dad’s aren’t the only ones who love joking around.

14. Uncle Joe


All he wanted to do was to take his son to uncle Joe’s, but unfortunately, uncle Joe had a good troll in mind. While everyone else got a good laugh, the child was ready to throw down. He’ll probably grow up with an absurd fear of horses, and who could blame him.

This isn’t even the best one on this list.

13. Nightgown Nana


Twitter is an amazing place where sometimes, people share their hilarious stories with us, “My 84-year-old grandmother was too shy to wear a nightgown in front of us, so I decided to support her. Well, it is really comfortable.”

Little does Granny know, he probably wears this more often than he likes to admit.

12. Uncle Dave


What’s with uncles and trolling? Uncle Dave says, “My nephews and nieces didn’t appreciate my Christmas presents this year.” The look on their faces says it all.

Up next, dad jokes are the best…

11. Dad Jokes


Aren’t dad jokes just the best? This family thinks so. The best part about this photo is that he took it himself via the clicker in his hand. You gotta’ love it.

The next guy on this list has to be the best gift giver.

10. The Best Gift Ever


This uncle sure does know how to give the best gifts, just ask his nephew, the one with this lovely bedspread. Who wouldn’t love waking up to this face every morning…

This is just further proof that uncles are the best at trolling.

9. Angry Dad


Some guy received the worst response in history regarding his request for a nudie, as this was the picture he got instead. There is so much going on in this photo, I don’t even know where to start. Let’s hope this dad has a sense of humor.

The next set of parents really know how to get things done.

8. Mushroom Brother


According to one girl on Reddit, her family started trolling her and her siblings young and even convinced them to keep clean while doing so,”My parents told my brother that we had another brother who turned into a mushroom because he didn’t like to have a shower. To make the story more plausible, they even added a photo to our family album.”

This has to be the best one yet, or not…

7. Christmas Gag


No one likes to work on the holidays, but if you’re forced to, it’s great to have a sense of humor for everyone’s sake,”My father is an obstetrician. On Christmas Day, he was asked to come to work. These are the clothes he was wearing when he left.”
This dad isn’t just into trolling his children, he’s into trolling his bosses, too.

6. A Funny Gift


Imagine sitting down at your mother-in-law’s holiday party and opening the first gift. I’m guessing the first thing you thought of wasn’t a top to a whiskey jar. For one guy, a sense of humor is must in his new family. Luckily, he not only got a new crystal bar accessory, he also got a good laugh.

5. Frozen Gifts


Every kid is obsessed with the animated movie Frozen so of course, all they want for the holiday’s are things that have to do with Elsa. But one little girl got something way less exciting instead,”My daughter asked me to present her with Frozen gifts. This is what she got.”

Maybe next time she’ll be more specific.

4. Mom’s On Board


It’s all fun and games until mom joins in,”My mom sent me this photo. As it turns out, she broke a knife while cooking.” We have to say, it’s quite convincing.

Some family’s have more than one prankster…

3. A Family Affair


Now if the whole family is in on the joke, it gets even better, “My aunt and uncle put photos of the entire family near the toilet.” So when you think you’ve found a secret spot to go number two, you’re wrong. Everyone knows everything.

2. Tron


This dad decided to play on his daughters worst fear after watching the action film, Tron, “After watching TRON, my daughter was scared I would get sucked into the computer. She saw this in the morning.” I guess a big ol’ scream was his alarm clock that morning.

The next picture is a perfect example of how humor can rid any bad feelings.

1. Mending Cracks


It’s never good when you break things that aren’t yours, especially if you’ve been told to be careful. At least this guy tried to fix it before anyone noticed,”My cousin broke a plate. This is how he tried to hide it from my aunt.”

How would your mom react?