If you need good ideas to make your graduation photos memorable, read this article to the end to learn which one is the best for you.

Photo Shoot at the Whiteboard

The photo is taken against the background of a whiteboard where anything you wish can be drawn. For example, a saxophone, and a guy, depicted in the photo, is playing it. Or you can draw math tasks, or the advanced writers review hashtag. Then, all these pictures, taken in the same style, are combined into a graduation album.

America’s Next Top Model Style

This shoot will be excellent for college girls who can try on the role of a top model. The graduation album will be designed as a fashion magazine, and the pages with alumni resemble posters with models.

Funny Pictures

Pretend to be doing fun experiments with reagents and exhibits, for example, in the chemistry class. The photo should have a humor character.

Me and Hobby

You can be photographed with the subject characterizing you. For example, you play football, and you can be depicted with a ball. In the end, these pages will be thematically decorated.

Festival of Colors

Bright and joyful photos will give the warmest memories. Shower each other with rainbow colors, and then you’ll see the result in a photo album. It will be especially nice to shower strict teachers by inviting them to take part in the photoshoot.

Pictures With Master’s Gowns

Many of us have dreamed of wearing a master’s gown and an academic cap since childhood. You can take pictures in the studio, at college, or even in the countryside.

Photos With Numbers of the Graduation Year

This idea involves taking pictures of every graduate with a date that looks different. Someone has these numbers in the form of balloons, and another student has numbers written behind his back on the board.

Before and After

The idea is to take pictures of already grown-up graduates with their childhood photos. You can put the old photos in your album and show how a graduate has changed over time.

Bright Balloons

Take a lot of bright gel balloons and take a picture of your classmates with them in an open field. Jump up like you’re taking off. The photographer will shoot each graduate individually, holding a bunch of balloons lifting him.


Every student tries on different images and is taken themed photos in the studio with props. You can choose Batman, Spiderman, Superman, or your college lifesaver with the writingpapersucks.com logo on your chest or back. The album will conclude funny notes why he picks up this hero.

Mafia Family

It’s a stylish photoshoot in black and white. Here you have “godfathers,” gangsters, Bonnie and Clyde, and the teachers suffering from the mob all the time. It’s easy to do a vintage shoot. There’s a lot of props to match the style.

Pictures From History

You can select any historical event as a base and try to recreate it with your classmates. The outfit and accessories can be rented.

Village Style

These are charming pictures in the rural area. You need to go to the countryside and make a site in the open air.

Reportage Photo Shoot

You invite photographers to the classroom, and he takes pictures of alumni all day long. Students behave themselves as usual, and photographers capture all the moments. This is how a new story appears and is told in pictures.

Saying Signs

It’s simple, but a fun idea. Use signs such as “finally finished,” “we will miss,” etc. to make your graduation photo original.