In a small village off the beaten path on the island of Djerba in Tunisia was recently visited by 150 Street Artists From 30 Countries. These street artists went to the island to participate in Djerbahood, which is a public street art exhibition to showcase their 150 pieces of artwork located on the walls of this Old Tunisian Village. In today’s post we’ll be looking at 150 Street Artists Cover an Old Tunisian Village in Beautiful Street Art.

The founder of this outdoor art exhibition is Mehdi Ben Cheikh, founder of the French Galerie Itinerrance. He secured legal authorization from the government and the private land owners before starting this project.

He states:

“Muslims, Christians and Jews have lived here in peace for the last 2,000 years or so,” Ben Cheikh told the New York Times. “I’m not here to aggravate anyone, but to consolidate this aspect, which I find beautiful, and together with the natural beauty of the village, provides the artists with a unique canvas.”

Scroll down to look at these beautiful murals. These artistic Murals showcase high quality artwork and shows how beautiful graffiti can be when professional street artists are brought in. Which one is your favourite?

More info: | Galerie Itinerrance (h/t: mashable, mymodernmet, nytimes)

150 Street Artists Cover an Old Tunisian Village in Beautiful Street Art

Created by ROA (Belgium)

Created by Dan23 (France)

Created by Pantonio (Portugal)

Created by BTOY (Spain)

Created by M-city (Poland)

Created by Phlegm (UK)

Created by DOME (Germany)

Created by Pantonio (Portugal)

Created by Malakkai (Spain)

Created by Know Hope (USA) and Orticanoodles (Italy)

Created by Saner (Mexico)

Created by Swoon (USA)

Created by Malakkai (Spain)

Created by Twoone (Japan)

Created by Bom.K (France)

Created by Deyaa (Saudi Arabia)

Created by Add Fuel (Portugal)

Created by Claudio Ethos (Brazil)