Let’s face it, who doesn’t love to eat cookies! Usually made with a mixture of flour, butter, eggs, vanilla and sugar, cookies are some of the best foods around when you want to treat yourself. But if you’re tired of the standard round cookie, why not get creative and try making some of these DIY decorated cookies!?

Some of these DIY decorated cookies are showcases found on Instagram, while other have complete step by step tutorials on how to make them! With some extremely clever cookie ideas like editable matchstick cookies, coconut sushi cookie idea, a super fun diy potato head cookie or even a DIY KFC Cookie Bucket!

See how to make them here.

2. These delicious drumsticks.

These delicious drumsticks.

Get the recipe here.

3. These fully loaded tacos.

See how to make your own cookie taco bar here.

4. These playful pieces.

These playful pieces.

See more here.

5. These cookies with a surprise inside.

These cookies with a surprise inside.

Get the instructions here.

6. These perfect Pantone colors.

7. This coconut sushi.

Hold the fish.

8. These delicate row houses.

9. These adorable chalkboards.

These adorable chalkboards.

Contains no actual chalk. Directions here.

10. These edible matchsticks.

11. These beautiful florals.

12. This wearable snack.

This wearable snack.

Instructions here.

13. This artistic Oreo.

14. These sweet toothbrushes.

15. These beautifully scripted greeting cookies.

With edible calligraphy ink.

16. These edible palettes and brushes.

These edible palettes and brushes.

See how to make them here.

17. These maple bacon cookies.

These maple bacon cookies.

Because the only thing better than bacon is a bacon-shaped cookie. Get the recipehere.

18. These poetry cookies.

These poetry cookies.

Cookies are already pretty poetic. Directions here.

via buzzfeed