When you drive into an old town the first building you usually notice is the Church. It’s architecture and interior decor usually stands out from the crowd looking Gothic and medieval. In today’s article we’ll be looking at 19 Churches Converted Into Modern Family Homes.

Reusing and redecorating old buildings can bring a unused church back to life. Some of these Churches Converted into modern family homes were about to be demolished but were saved at the very last minute. Converting old buildings into houses is becoming a popular trend, if you’re lucky enough to have some money stored away for building your own home, converting a church can be a very rewarding experience.

Checkout these 19 Churches Converted Into Modern Family Homes, which one do you love?


Howard Park Methodist Church

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Fish Creek Church House


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Church in Kensal Green, London

church-homes-026 church-homes-027 church-homes-028 church-homes-029

Old Church


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Church in San-Francisco

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Old Church House


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Church of Living. Utrecht, Netherlands

Converted Run-down Victorian corrugated-iron chapel in Faversham


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Living in a church house-style


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Former Catholic church


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Residential Church XL

St. Nicholas Georgian Church

church-homes-030 church-homes-031 church-homes-032 church-homes-033

Church Converted to House


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Howard Park Methodist Church

church-homes-034 church-homes-035 church-homes-036 church-homes-037 church-homes-038

Church in South Australia

church-homes-008 church-homes-009 church-homes-010 church-homes-011

John Knox Church

church-homes-012 church-homes-013 church-homes-016 church-homes-017

19th Century Church In Australia

church-homes-019 church-homes-020 church-homes-021


Bonney Avenue Residence

church-homes-022 church-homes-023 church-homes-024 church-homes-025

Church House