Eating is one of the joys of life, there’s nothing better than sitting down and chomping on your favourite meal! If you’re a food addict who loves spending time preparing food in the kitchen, or just love to order takeout every now and then – these food apps are for you!

Featuring 19 Food Apps For People Who Love To Eat! Including lifesaving delivery apps for when you don’t have time to cook and need a quick and easy meal and also featuring some brilliant recipe apps that will teach you how to cook just about any meal you desire!

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19 Food Apps For People Who Love To Eat!

Yep these food apps are pretty awesome!

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1. Grubhub (Free, iOS, Android)

We’ve all been there. You’re too comfortable in bed to move, but your stomach is demanding you eat something. If this sounds like a regularity to you, you may want to start using Grubhub and get food delivered to your door. The service partners with a variety of local restaurants that deliver, so all you need to do is sign up for an account and you’ll have access to some of your favorite restaurants around!

2. Blue Apron (Free, iOS)

Blue Apron, the recipe-meets-delivery service, is for all of you who love cooking great food but could do without grocery shopping and leftover ingredients. The app integrates all of the same features as on its esteemed website, including how-to videos, step-by-step recipe guides, and delivery management settings. Every week, you can choose from 10 original recipes that can be delivered to your doorstep to be prepared in 35 minutes max. The best part? Free delivery!

3. Munchery (Free, iOS, Android)

Munchery is the food delivery service that serves food chilled. This is so that you’re able to heat it up in the microwave or the oven on your watch, ensuring that it’s fresh whenever you plan on eating. You’re able to schedule meals up to a week in advance, and for every meal that is ordered through Munchery, the service feeds a person in need through your local food bank! So far, they deliver to San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle.

4. Minibar (Free, iOS, Android)

Minibar is the delivery app for all things wine, spirits, beer, and mixers! It has a huge selection of liquor that you can filter through by price, type, and region and get delivered anywhere between 30–60 minutes. Nothing livens up a party more like alcohol at the door.

5. Sprig (Free, iOS, Android)

Sprig is a locally sourced food delivery service that cooks with consciousness. The startup, founded by a former Google executive chef, aims to keep its use of oils, fat, and salt at a minimum and only use ingredients that are “grown in the field and not in a lab.” Meals range anywhere from $7 to $15, and the service currently delivers in San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Chicago.

6. Instacart (Free, iOS, Android)

Instacart is a grocery-delivering service that’ll get you what you need in just a couple hours or less. Some of its current partners include Whole Foods, Safeway, Costco, and lots of neighborhood-specific stores! Because you can shift between the search results of one store to another, it’s really easy to compare prices.

7. Caviar (Free, iOS, Android)

Caviar pairs you with a courier who will place and deliver your food for you, while all you have to do is make a quick order on your phone. The app gives you an estimate of how long you’d have to wait per restaurant, with most foods taking about an hour on average. Thankfully, it’s accessible in most major cities across the states!

8. Doordash (Free, iOS, Android)

Doordash is similar to Caviar in its services, but you will likely find a different range of restaurants you can order from, from a different range of available cities. So far, they deliver to San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Oakland, Berkeley, Los Angeles, Orange County, Brooklyn, Boston, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Dallas.

9. Postmates (Free, iOS, Android)

Postmates is another alternative to food delivery services, except it can deliver you more than just food. The app introduces you to a local courier who purchases whatever you’d like delivered from any restaurant or store in your city!

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10. ChefsFeed (Free, iOS, Android)

ChefsFeed knows that restaurant ratings can often be arbitrary measures of quality, so it takes a different approach to food-scouting: The app is a hub for top chefs across the country to recommend the food they order when they’re not the ones cooking it. You’re also able to follow your favorite professional chefs, view their profile pages, and watch them discuss food in beautifully shot videos.

11. Foursquare (Free, iOS, Android)

Foursquare gives you recommendations based on your personal tastes by organizing its businesses through tags. On a business’s profile, you’ll learn everything you need to know for your visit through quick tips, ratings, and ranks that include “best iced coffee” or “best sandwiches.”

12. Tastemade (Free, iOS, Android)

Tastemade explores the wonderful intersection of food and travel and condenses it all into a video medium. You’ll find featured episodes of exotic foods all across the would, as well as a popular segment called Community Quicktakes that helps you find what’s cookin’ in your city.

13. Yelp (Free, iOS, Android)

This is an obvious choice. Yelp helps you get a good grasp of nearby businesses through customer reviews, ratings, and photos. If you sign up for an account, you can also bookmark and check into restaurants!

14. Resy (Free, iOS, Android)

Resy is the app for those who love to eat out in restaurants and could do without the wait…for a price, that is. Confirming a table with Resy costs $25 per person on a Saturday night or $10 on a Tuesday.

If you’re feeling impatient or looking to feel very VIP on a date, then Resy is the way to go, although it’s only available in NYC, the Hamptons, Los Angeles, Miami, and D.C. so far.

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15. Yummly (Free, iOS, Android)

A member of the App Store Best of 2014, Yummly is a recipe application that gives you recommendations based on your personal tastes. All of the content is curated from top recipe websites (AllRecipes, Epicurious, Food52) and food blogs (Chow, Serious Eats, Steamy Kitchen), which you can then filter through by cooking time, allergies, and diets. The app also contains a recipe library and ingredients list and can even synch with your Health app for all you calorie-counters.

16. Kitchen Stories (Free, iOS, Android)

Kitchen Stories will give you the confidence that you can cook anything. The recipe app is super accommodating to beginners and breaks down its cooking processes into in-depth steps and video tutorials. At a glance, you’re able to see who created the recipe, how difficult it is to create, the time it’ll take to cook your meal, and its nutrition information.

17. Jamie Oliver ($1.99/month, iOS)

English chef Jamie Oliver’s self-named recipe app offers a collection of exclusive dishes that refreshes every Monday. You’re able to scroll through gourmet dishes to try out for yourself, and tap into thorough cooking steps for when you do. Each dish is previewed with the type of diet it would accommodate, its serving size, its cooking time, and most important, a drool-worthy HD photo.

18. Highball (Free, iOS, Android)

Highball is like an encyclopedia for cocktails, but one that you can add your own creations to! The app comes with a library of recipe cards created by the International Bartenders Association, as well as a continuous stream of recipes shared on Twitter. You can easily send your creations to your friends through pretty recipe photos that can be imported into their own Highball libraries.

19. NYT Cooking (Free, iOS)

NYT Cooking has access to over 17,000 recipes, all of which come with short bios, ingredients lists, and preparation instructions. You can quickly find what kind of meal you’re looking for through its colorful tags on the search page, and save your most compelling recipes to cook later. The app also gives you access to interesting editors’ collections including “Yes, You Can Have Eggs for Dinner” and “Leftovers That Don’t Taste Like Leftovers.”

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