Is your bedroom too cold and sterile? Why don’t you try turning your bed into a warm and cozy haven with these gorgeous bed accessories that will make you extra warm this winter!

With some insanily cute bed products like some magical string lights, a cozy and warm  Mongolian faux fur pillow, a oversized sleep shirt that totally gets your cozy priorities, feel like you’re in nature with a perfect log pillow or just get a massive pillow blanket!

Cozy Bed Accessories for your Bedroom!

1. This plush puppy pillow $44.99

This cute puppy pillow is a great addition to your bedroom that can match with other pillows with design. Feel magical sleeping in the world of fun and comfort using this plush puppy pillow.

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2. This jersey comforter that feels like a soft tee for your entire body”$169

Slip into this soft fabric, lulling yourself into deep sleep and getting up full of energy the next morning.

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3. These magical string lights”$28

Make every bedtime magical by installing these bedroom-string-lights, making your bedroom warm and cozy. Enjoy your safe haven until you doze off into la-la land

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4. This cuddly, plush penguin onesie$29.90

Include this cuddly, plush penguin in your sleepwear collection, making you feel young at heart.

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5. This Mongolian faux fur pillow$13.49

Indulge in luxury with this fine Mongolian faux fur pillow and eliminate work from home aches and pains.

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6. This shaggy faux fur robe that you could totes wear out of the house”$65

If you want to be a pop star, kickstart your dreams by wearing this shaggy faux fur robe

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7. This oversized, fluffy knit throw$69

Missing grandma? Why not remember her bedtime stories while being cuddled by this oversized, fluffy knit throw?

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8. This fuzzy chenille bedding$169

Sleep like a princess on this fuzzy chenille bedding, and wake up rejuvenated the next day.

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9. This oversized sleep shirt that totally gets your cozy priorities”$15

Stay fashionable even during bedtime by wearing this cool shirt.

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10. This super soft cable knit pillow”$49

Make your bedroom cozy by placing this super soft cable knit pillow on your bedroom seating

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11. These fluffy unicorn slippers”$26

Try on these adorable unicorn slippers for a fantastic footwear change!

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12. These faux sheepskin pillows”$25.50

Nobody can resist cuddling these faux sheepskin pillows while reminiscing countryside lifestyle.

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13. This faux fur throw”$79

Get excited to lie in bed with the look and feel of this faux fur throw.

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14. This utterly perfect log pillow”$19.99

Love nature? Try this realistic log pillow.

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15. This waffled thermal blanket”$69

Style your cosmopolitan bedroom using this waffled thermal blanket.

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16. This super cozy hooded robe”$51

Another cozy hooded robe for a comfy, relaxing sleep

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17. This velvet pintuck pillow”$39

This velvet pintuck pillow works perfectly as an accent for your vintage bedroom.

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18. These soft, knee-high slippers”$19.99

Warm your feet in the cold months with these knee-high slippers

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19. Or just get a massive pillow blanket.

Kim Joonsoo / Via

Tragically, this isn’t for sale. But a sewing machine and a ton of pillows could go a long way.