Building a solid brand identity has always been a prerequisite for a successful business, but things are changing when it comes to reaching all consumers. Research by Adobe has found that around 38% of consumers trust brands more when their promotional/marketing material is more diverse and inclusive. Whether your company sells Doc Martens, or dresses, the time has come to revamp branding tactics and embrace a more inclusive brand identity. In 2022 people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of representation: seeing themselves and being able to relate.

Moving Towards Representation And Inclusivity

Some companies have been using inclusive marketing material for decades, while others still seem to be struggling with the concept. Despite the fact that consumers appreciate inclusivity, a study by Ipsos revealed that 63% of participants did not feel represented in the advertising around them. To win people over, however, requires more than window-dressing. Surveys conducted by Deloitte found that customer loyalty increased when brands actually committed to better representation instead of just talking about it.

Putting The Right Spin On A Brand Story

Branding comprises many elements. Truly successful brands know how to appeal to their target market by making them feel seen and “telling a story” that is relatable. Part of inclusivity is the willingness to collaborate at some level, which is something that the brand Good American aspires to achieve. The fashion brand was founded in 2016 by Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede with the aim of providing inclusive fashion to women of all shapes and sizes.

Use Promotional Design Wisely

The entire brand package consists of many elements, but the concept itself is intangible. Despite this, using tangible items is one of the best ways of reaching consumers. Whether a company is only starting out on its journey to inclusivity or has been a leader in the field, the value of creative design cannot be overstated. Designers and marketers must work together to marry strong branding with true inclusivity and appreciation for diverse representation.

Make Shoppers Feel Seen And Heard In Fashion

Depending on the industry, bold and inclusive branding involves the use of promotional items, which can range from customized face masks (à la 2020) to tote bags. Clothing brands especially rely on the use of designs that are printed onto a wide variety of products, most often through heat press printing. This process involves using a special machine that transfers designs onto items (t-shirts, for example) by applying pressure and heat. Surveys have shown that many BIPOC, disabled, plus-sized and LGBTQ+ people still cannot find fashion that expresses their identities, and while inclusivity isn’t all about looks, providing products that embody representation goes a long way to help consumers feel seen and heard.

A Year For Transformation

The past two years have been tumultuous for businesses – to say the least. While nobody was prepared for what 2020 brought, it may have sparked a change that is long overdue. Brands are waking up to the fact that consumers want diversity and inclusivity. It’s time to reevaluate your brand identity and align promotional designs with inclusive practices.