Going back to school or back to work is never fun, so why not brighten up your work days with these Harry Potter accessories! Why not bring some Harry Potter into your daily studying or working life with these accessories that will help you with your work whilst decorated with some Harry charm!

With essential items like a Harry Potter Black and Gold Feather Quill Pen, Ravenclaw edition Divination Weekly Planner, Harry Potter Engraved Pencil Set or eat your lunch out of some Deathly Hallows Hogwarts Lunch Boxes!

Harry Potter Back to School Supplies/Harry Potter Office Supplies

1. Divination Weekly Planner

Hopefully you’ll keep it more accurate than most of Professor Trelawney’s prophecies.

$24, Ruskerville.

With a truly Ravenclaw interior.

(Also available in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin.)

2. Black and Gold Feather Quill Pen

Ideal for jotting down history (of magic) notes. Available in ballpoint or traditional nib.

$25, Indras Ideas.

3. Hogwarts Rucksack Backpack

Just add an undetectable extension charm, and you can carry as many books as Hermione.

$40.46, Harry Potter Shop.

4. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes Skiving Snackbox Zippered Pouch

Puking Pastilles not included.

$18.50, The Brave Little Tailor.

5. Feather Ballpoint Quill

These come with anti-cheating charms, so use (and lend) them at your own peril.

$6, Liselle Made.

6. Vintage Magical Notebooks

$6.42, Literary Emporium.

7. Post-It Note Monster Books

Just stroke the spine, it’ll calm right down.

$14.44, Drowsy Aurora.

8. Advanced Potion-Making Downloadable Book Cover

To encourage lots of scribbling in the margins.

$6.50, Rock Your Walls.

9. Hogwarts Crest Book Cover

Stretchy, because wrapping textbooks in paper is so hard you almost need a spell.

$20, Krause Kreation.

10. Engraved Pencil Set

$8, The Carbon Crusader.

11. Deathly Hallows Hogwarts Lunch Box

Accio treacle tarts.

$19, Midnight House Elves.

12. Hogwarts Library Bookplates

You’ll have a more organized library of texbooks than Madam Pince.

$10 for 15 bookplates, Deeply Dapper.

13. Snape Quote Tote Bag

You read this in Alan Rickman’s voice, didn’t you?

$12, Alohomora Design.

14. Lightning Bolt Paper Clips

For papers that particularly ~scar~ you.

$1.59, Filofan UK.

15. Disappearing Ink Pen

Ideal for diaries you mysteriously find in bathrooms.

$14.99, ThinkGeek.

16. Owl Sticky Notes

Hedwig’s just popping by to make sure you’re doing your reading.

$2.36, Mochi Things.

17. Productivity Timing Hourglass

Increase your homework productivity by pretending you’re taking an O.W.L. Or slowly losing all your House points.

$60, Uncommon Goods.

18. Remembrall Memo Board


$24, The Sunny Farmhouse.

19. Wand Pencils

$4.81, Rachel’s Fantasy Island.

20. Harry Potter poetry magnet set.

It’s like fanfiction for your locker.

$15, Logophiles Anonymous.

21. Felix Felicis Bottle Necklace

Obviously a necessary school supply during finals.

$9.99, Salem Knight.

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