When going to the movies many of us look at the movie posters, they often show how the movie will be – scary, funny or serious. But movie posters these days are filled with cliches which have been used countless times.

A film poster is a poster used to advertise a film. Studios often print several posters that vary in size and content for various domestic and international markets. They normally contain an image with text. Today’s posters often feature photographs of the main actors. Prior to the 1990s, illustrations instead of photos were far more common. The text on film posters usually contains the film title in large lettering and often the names of the main actors. It may also include a tag line, the name of the director, names of characters, the release date, etc.

In today’s collection we’ll be showcasing 21 Popular Movie Poster Cliches, some of these montaged are by Christoph Courtois who has arranged them into categories showing just how over used the ideas are. Others are cartoon movie posters portraying how similar they all are.

Which movie poster cliche do you love/hate? Comment below…

A Loner Viewed From Behind

21 Popular Movie Poster Cliches

Usually accompanied only by their weapon of choice.

In Your Face

21 Popular Movie Poster Cliches


Large joyful cartoon faces used to attract kids.

Big Heads over Tiny People on a Beach

21 Popular Movie Poster Cliches

The Gangs Here



Crowded movie posters packed with an ensemble of characters.

Back To Back, Viewed From the Side

Back Turned to look at Adventure


This is often used to emphasis the adventure and storyline of the movie. With the viewer seeing what the character sees.

The Between-the-Legs Shot

Running Towards Camera


With a look of bravery, the characters are running toward the camera to escape the danger.

In Bed

Cheesy Pun



The main character is often seen as with a cheesy pun to show that the movie will be funny.

Big Eye


Black & White Action Movie Posters

Eyebrow Raised



Main character is seen with a raised eyebrow giving the character attitude, bravery and tough.

 Running In the Street, At a Tilt And Tinted Blue

Building a Face Out of Other Objects

Lady In Red

Justice Is Blind

Big Block Font Right Over the Face

Reflection In Sunglasses

Public Bench