If you’re stressed or suffer from high blood pressure, owning an aquarium may be be best solution for you! There’s nothing more relaxing then sitting back and watching fish swimming around.

Aquarium can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, having at least one transparent side in which water-dwelling plants or animals are kept and displayed.

Today we’ll be taking a look at some truly bizarre and unbelievable aquariums like an aquarium that fits underneath your sink, a phone booth aquarium plus heaps of aquarium ideas for the home or office!

This hanging fish tank greatness.

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This above average sink situation.

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These Out of Order telephone booths.

Benedetto Bufalino / Via benedettobufalino.com

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This Seinfeld-inspired, humble, underwater abode.

The AquaDom, an aquarium inside the Radisson Blu Hotel in Germany.

Creative Commons / Flickr: vxla

This open top, classy af aquarium.

These iMacs that have been transformed into something magical.

Jake Harms / jakeharms.com
Jake Harms / jakeharms.com

Check out these awesome aquariums by Jake Harms here!

This pure symbol of sophistication.

This labyrinth of fun for your fish friends.

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And this dark, Gothic aquarium that’s probably just for vampires.

This fancy-fance end table.

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This literal WATER CLOSET LOL.

This not-so-boring bus stop.

This Grandfather clock with fish in it.

Some more Unusual fish aquariums

Fish aquarium office desk, unique furniture design idea

Small fish tank for outdoor home decorating

Dining room with built-in wall glass fish tank

Coffee table with fish aquarium

Oval coffee table with glass fish tank