Nothing more annoying that picking out your favourite item of clothing only to find that it’s worn down or damaged. If you’re always finding it hard to keep your clothes looking like new, you need to check out these clever ways to make your clothes last longer!

With some genius clothing hacks ideas like Hanging sweaters without losing their shape by learning the ‘fold-hang’ method, using thick wooden hangers to keep shoulders intact or why not try some nail polish to prevent your buttons from popping off!

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How To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

1. Hang sweaters without losing their shape by learning the ~fold-hang~.

Get the steps here.

2. Turn old pillowcases into garment bags to keep your off-season clothes looking fresh.

Find out how to make them here.

3. Use thick wooden hangers to keep shoulders intact.

For a cheaper alternative, bind several skinny ones together.

Get these hangers at The Container Store.

4. Or if typical ones are too big, try petite hangers.

Check out Only Hangers for petite or bendable hangers.

5. Freeze fuzzy sweaters to keep them from shedding everywhere.

Learn how here.

6. Be sure to close zippers before throwing clothes in the wash.

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Open zippers are more likely to snag other fabrics during agitation.

7. Wash your jeans and other items you don’t want to fade inside out.

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This prevents the color loss that can happen when fabrics rub against each other in the wash.

8. Add a pinch of salt to your wash cycles to keep colors from fading.

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Find out more here.

9. Keep shoes in shape by stuffing them with newspaper or packing paper.

Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed Life

10. Waterproof fabric shoes with beeswax.

Don’t ruin your favorite shoes in the rain. Find out how here.

11. Hide bleach marks on black clothing with a sharpie.



Residual bleach. It happens to the best of us. Learn more here.

12. Freeze brand new tights to prevent runs before they happen.

Find out more here.

13. Or spray them with a light coating of hairspray.

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14. Use nail polish to prevent your buttons from popping off.

15. Hook your bra in the back so it doesn’t stretch out when you turn it around.

Jenny Chang / Via BuzzFeed Life

If you ~can~, that is. Learn more here.

16. Use moleskin to hide any underwire poking out of your favorite bra.

Get the steps here.

17. Don’t use fabric softener on moisture-wicking or stain-resistant gear.

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It’ll coat the fibers and reduce their effectiveness.

18. DIY a $5 indoor clothesline to skip the dryer damage.

Without having to wait for a sunny day outside. Learn how at Apartment Therapy.

19. If you don’t have a mesh delicates bag, wash your items in a pillowcase instead.

Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed Life

20. Spray clothes with vodka to reduce odor between washes.

It’s a classic vintage trick. Find out how here.

21. And skip the iron — use one of these other ways to unwrinkle your clothes.

By Yumi Sakugawa for Wonder How To.

22. And find out how often you actually have to wash your clothes.

You can always spot treat between washes.

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