The 1980s saw the end of the Cold War and the beginning of synthesized music. The style and fashion became loud and very iconic making way for bright colors.

But if you think all of the 1980’s design was ugly, think again! The 80’s decade was certainly different from the styles of today, but does that make them bad?

We’ll be listing 22 Reasons Why The 80’s Had The Best Design, these 80’s artwork and design is quite special – you just need to look at it from a new perspective…

1. They put the “computer” in computer graphics.

2. They really knew how to portray the human body in fantastical ways.

3. “Sprinkle Explosion” was an actual motif.

4. The logo design was cooler.

5. They knew how to combine the randomest shit in the awesomest of ways.

6. The girls were hot.

7. The cars were really bad-ass.

8. Sean Penn.

9. Music was a totally psychadelic experience.

10. The ads were awesome.

11. The sweaters were better back then.

12. The stickers were better.

13. They had a disturbing, dystopian view of the future.

14. The magazine covers were amazing.

15. These patterned shirts.

16. Televisions seemed like a portal into the future.

17. They had better movie posters.

18. The album covers were better.

19. They really understood the complexity of the human brain.

20. They were experts on surrealism.

What does this mean??

21. This furniture.

Memphis Designs.

22. They incorporated a lot of rainbows.

via buzzFeed