When we think of Engagement Rings we usually think of diamonds and sparkly feminine jewelry, but there some badass and killer engagement rings for men also! Men’s engagement rings are usually less fancy and more minimalist when it comes to there design.

These twenty three engagement rings for men are very stylish and cool, featuring some unique materials like wood, glass and tungsten. This collection also showcases some classic materials like Gold and platinum which are usually preferred for engagement rings, but common metal types such as titanium, silver, and stainless steel are also used for engagement rings. This allows for the bride-to-be to exert her own individual style into the ring in a simple manner.

Groove Silicone Rings

Zeus is 3 rings fused into 1–the ultra-durable outer band, a patented nylon band concealed inside that does not allow the ring to stretch but still breaks, and the most breathable inner band Groove has ever created.


White Black Diamond

Since diamond doesn’t sparkle, it has a lesser brilliance than its colored counterparts. It is also found only in one grade- Fancy. Black diamonds are rarely valued on clarity but based on inclusions.



Wood Inlay Band with Black Ceramic

Black tungsten ring, $360.

Sterling silver fingerprint ring (customized with an actual fingerprint), $225.

Gold and onyx ring, $585.

Sterling silver knot ring, $275.

Rose gold brushed finish ring, $280.

Sterling silver wood bark textured ring, $180.

Titanium and tulip wood band, $250.

Sterling silver and rose gold ring, $750.

Recycled sterling silver ring with black diamond, $160.

Black glass enamel and yellow gold band, $1045.

Silver asymmetrical ring, $92.

Yellow gold band, $395.

Rose gold leopard print ring, $820.

White gold square ring, $600.

Purple cobalt band, $428.

Black titanium band, $150.

Gold and silver ring, $550.

Sterling silver and wood ring, $176.

Silver and brass ring, $290.

Hammered gold ring, $725.

Navy silicone ring (for men who can’t wear a traditional metal ring), $19.99.

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