Sleeping bags don’t have to be boring, they can be fun and creative! We usually think of Sleeping Bags as ordinary items used when camping and go on outdoor adventures. In this article we’ve gathered 22 Weird and Creative Sleeping Bags.

A sleeping bag is a protective “bag” for a person to sleep in, essentially a blanket that can be closed with a zipper or similar means, and functions as a bed in situations where a bed is unavailable (e.g. when camping, hiking, hill walking or climbing). Its primary purpose is to provide warmth and thermal insulation. It also protects casinoin, to some extent, against wind chill, precipitation, and exposure to view, but a tent performs those functions better. The bottom surface also provides some cushioning, but a sleeping pad is usually used in addition for that purpose. A bivouac sack (bivy) is a waterproof cover for a sleeping bag that may be used in place of a tent for lightweight travelers or as a backup if inclement weather occurs.

These Sleeping Bags below have taken a fresh take on creating a unusual and weird sleeping bag, comment below and share which one is your favourite!


Shark Sleeping Bag

22 Weird and Creative Sleeping Bags

Pizza Sleeping Bag

22 Weird and Creative Sleeping Bags

Designer: Bfiberandcraft

Internal Organs

22 Weird and Creative Sleeping Bags


Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag




Designer: NapPak

Cadaver Sleeping Bag


Jak Pak is a waterproof jacket that transforms into a one person tent complete with insect netting and a sleeping bag.

22 Weird and Creative Sleeping Bags

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Elk Sleeping bag

King Tut Sleeping Bag

Jabba The Hut Sleeping Bag

22 Weird and Creative Sleeping Bags

Musuc: Suit Sleeping Bags


Seal Sleeping Bag

Polo Backpack

(Designed by: Anna Perugini)

Cocoon – Hanging Sleeping Bag

(Designed by: John Moriarty and Billy Harney)

Hand Made Lego Sleeping Bag


Adam and Eve Sleeping Bag


Sleep Suit

Sleeping Bag For Two

Bear Sleeping Bag

(Designed by: Eiko Ishizawa)