With so much at stake during Christmas time it’s no wonder there’s going to be some epic Christmas fails! Christmas time is great for creating fancy DIY projects, or that special DIY Christmas card with your baby or even Christmas cooking in the kitchen that’s sure to fail!

These are some of the best Christmas Pinterest Fails that will have you giggling all day! From DY Festive baby photos that are sure to have your baby in tears, diy tealight snowball fails, starlight mint ornament fails and plenty of DIY Christmas Cooking fails that are just too hard to do!

Hilarious Christmas Pinterest Fails

1. Festive lights baby: fail.

2. Snowman cookie: Slimer from Ghostbusters fail.

3. Handprint reindeer painting: fail.

4. Starlight mint ornaments: FAIL.

5. Snowman truffle: oh dear. Fail.

6. DIY mason jars: fail.

7. Tea light snowballs… fail?

8. This snowman tree that’s ready to fight: fail.

9. “Frozen marbles” = one big giant crime scene fail.

10. Hanging Christmas tree: oh man.

11. Victorian gingerbread house: not up to code, exactly.

12. And a gingerbread village that is just asking to be razed.

13. These stained glass cookies: fail.

14. This wreath: kind of funny fail?

15. This star cookie tree: a big neon fail.

16. Peppermint candy tray: big, sticky fail.

17. Holiday kiss cookies: flat fail.

18. Trying to make your baby sit still: awwww. But fail.

Lizvette Wreath Photography; Lindsay Blackstone / Via pinterestfail.com

19. Santa praying for the sweet release of death: fail.

20. Train cake: highway to the fail zone.

21. Reindeer cookies: poor unfortunate fail.

22. Poinsettia cookies: unrecognizable fail.

23. And these… uh…

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