When it comes to kitchen gadgets there’s a line that should not be crossed, the basic tools and your hands are still the best way to go in the kitchen when it comes to spreading butters, slicing an banana or even pouring juice. In today’s list we won’t be showing you amazing kitchen gadgets you should have in your home, instead we’ll be showcasing some stupid gadgets that you don’t really need in your kitchen!

These kitchen gadgets come across as cringe worthy and not really desirable, like fork crossed with a pizza cutter for eating pizza,  a rotating ice cream cone so your hand doesn’t have to move or a plastic contraption for pouring juice!?

1. Egg Cracker

Source: amazon.com
Are there no 90° angles in your kitchen? Have we got the answer for you…

2. S’mores Maker

Source: amazon.com
It pinches your s’more together. That is all.

3. Nana Saver

Source: amazon.com
Is one banana too much, but zero is not enough? With the Nana Saver, you can eat one half and save the other for when you come back to reality you delusional muppet.

4. Cucumber Saver

Source: amazon.com
Are those pesky cucumbers not fitting in your Nana Saver? You need this, too.

5. Quesadilla Maker

Source: amazon.com
Do you not have a stove or a microwave or an oven? Then you probably want your only appliance to be a glorified cheese melter.

6. Pickle Picker

Source: amazon.com
If only there were already a 4-pronged tool to pull pickles out of a jar…if only…

7. Noodle Splatter Shield

Source: nedhardy.com
Even for Japan this is pretty ridiculous.

8. Butter Spreader

Spreading butter has always been a way too unpredictable part of my life.

9. Table Saw

Source: salon.com
“I’d rather be in the garage than the kitchen. Hardy har har!”

10. Motorized Ice Cream Cone

Stick your tongue out and let the batteries do the work. Available for the low, low price of your soul.

11. NY Slice

Congratulations, you have somehow made eating pizza with a fork and knife even douchier.

12. Homo Sapiens Sandstone Tool

Source: fitzsu.com
It is literally a $59 rock you use to mash things.

13. Battery Operated Flour Sifter

Source: maxiaids.com
Are you tired of your flour clumping together? No? Okay, nevermind then.

14. Wake’n Bacon

Wake up to the light, refreshing aroma of cooked bacon!

16. Milk Moo Head

Are you tired of pouring milk the same old boring way? Have a cow vomit it instead.

17. Grill Sergeant Apron

“I’d rather be stationed in Vietnam than the grill. Hardy har har!”

18. Taco Proper

No laughing matter? That’s because they’re not a matter at all.

19. Mr. Sniffles Egg Separator

Source: amazon.com
Not only does Mr. Sniffles look like a smack addict, but you can always use the shell to separate like a goddamn human being.

20. Bell Pepper Corer

Peppers…am I right? The Rubik’s Cube of vegetables.

21. Roll N Pour

Source: amazon.com
Is all that pouring making your wrist sore? You probably have a broken wrist.

22. Avocado Keeper

Source: amazon.com
Are your leftover avocados too important to go into regular tupperware? Give them the designer home that they deserve.

23. Banana Slicer

Source: bgr.com
This review speaks for us all.