Raising a baby can be tough! But it’s important to know there’s baby products that can help you along the way. These baby products are both cute and adorable but they are also quite weird and unusual!

With some clever baby products like a pair of sunglasses and pacifier in one, hand-cut natural beechwood blocks fit perfectly together to form a square, Spice up your baby’s life with this tortilla wrapped blanket or why not add some humour with a moustache pacifier than will have you and your partner chuckling for days!

1. Rockabye Baby! Music

From The Beatles to Blink 182, Rockabye Baby! has lullaby covers of all of your favorite bands. Find ‘em HERE.

2. Pacifier Sunglasses

Never lose that paci or those sunnies again with this killer two-in-one combo. (Sunglasses can attach to the pacifier of your choice.) Available HERE.

3. Boon Patch Drying Rack

Keep your countertop clutter under control with Boon’s modern twist on a bottle-drying rack. Available in multiple sizes.

4. Baby’s First Milestone Cards

Instagram it or it didn’t happen. Available here.

5. Safari Puzzle Blocks

These hand-cut natural beechwood blocks fit perfectly together to form a square. If your baby can solve the puzzle they’re basically a genius. (Available HERE.)

6. Edgar and Ollie: Puppet Pals

Handmade cozy friends upcycled from repurposed wool sweaters. Get yours HERE.

7. Birdcage Night-Light

These super-cool soft-glowing night-lights operate on a sensor. Just touch the glass to adjust the glow. Get one here.

8. Super Nerdy ABC Blocks

A is for absolute zero. B is for binary. Start ‘em young with this set of cerebral blocks.

9. Pop Pop Piano

Teach cause and effect with this musical instrument that provides a colorful pop-up show with each note. Get yours here.

10. Topsy-Turvy Stacking Blocks

Take stacking blocks to new heights with these modern topsy-turvy blocks — sort ‘em, stack ‘em, knock ‘em down! Available here.

11. Pet’s Tails Texture Book

Help tots learn the names of their favorite pets, and identify them by tail, too! Get yours here.

12. Trumpette Toddler Socks

Whether your taste is ballet, sneakers, or boots, Trumpette has non-slip socks in every style. Get them here.

13. Tortilla Baby Wrap

Regular swaddles are so bland. Spice up your baby’s life with this tortilla wrap. Available here.

14. Taco Booties

Garnish those tasty toes with taco toppings. Get yours here.

15. Banana Split Booties

For the parent who prefers sweet to savory. Available here.

16. Closet Dividers

Keep things organized while you’re sleep-deprived with these handy closet dividers. Get yours here.

17. Elephant Finger-Puppet Blanket

It’s a lovey and a puppet in one! From Uncommon Goods.

18. Mustachifier

Instant wisdom. Just add baby. (Available here!)

19. Indestructable Nursery Rhyme Books

Go ahead, let your little one teeth on these books. They can take it. Find them here.

20. Rainbow Sound Blocks

Thrill your baby’s senses with these colorful, musical stacking blocks. FromWonderworld.

21. Crawlings Baby Kneepads

Have a rambunctious kiddo? Keep their knees baby-smooth with baby kneepads. Find yours here.

22. Baby Age Blocks

An awesome way to track your kiddo’s growth through photos. Rest them next to your newborn or have your toddler hold them! Available here.

23. Player 3 Onesie

Announce their arrival in style. Available here.

via buzzfeed