A postcard or post card is a rectangular piece of thick paper or thin cardboard intended for writing and mailing without an envelope. Often one side of the card is pictorial. For example a picture of a seaside or holiday resort. The other side of the postcard contains a short message detailing the holiday experience so far.

Traditionally postcards are used to send good wishes while traveling or spending quality time on holiday. However postcards are increasingly used by businesses, event planners and marketing specialists to communicate new products, launches and ideas to potential and existing clients.

Postcards Require The Best Wishes of the Postman

Shock horror we hear you say, you mean this is something that I can’t email or send over Facebook or WhatsApp Messenger? It is true the traditional postcard maybe in decline as a means of sending messages to loved ones and customers.

Postcard design Ideas

Postcards have a unique charm, design and draw that more modern forms of communications media find hard to match.

Yet the humble postcard is a unique form of short media that deserves to remain as a stable part of our communications culture and heritage. Oh and by the way you will need a stamp!

A Lazy Relaxed Form of Communications Media

Postcards are a popular way of communicating messages if sending urgency is not a significant factor since all postcards rely on conventional ‘snail mail’ for their delivery. Postcards are still extremely popular among many holiday makers and for business promoting events or product launch campaigns for example.

Postcards may not be as popular as they once were largely due to the fast advent of electronic communications and smart phone messenger apps but they still have a role to fulfil in any serious media portfolio and where haste of communication is not a factor.

In fact postcards have a kind of lazy, idle charm and allure about them that will probably ensure they endure the passing of time and the emergence of new technologies for many many decades to come.

Designing and Printing Your First Postcard

Many postcards can be purchased as is from shops and stationery news agents. That said if you have the time it is much more fun to design your own postcards from scratch. Designing a post card is a novel way to produce cards for festive holidays such as Christmas and for special events such as weddings. Thus when deciding on Postcard Printing or Brochure Printing it’s important to decide which printing company to choose to Print out your postcards in high quality.

As postcards are usually mailed out via conventional post services, the paper quality need to be sturdy and capable of taking a good beating in the mail. It’s important to choose robust paper material which will be strong and unlikely to tear or suffer water damage as well as looking very professional.

25+ Creative Postcard Designs for Inspiration

Postcards don’t have to be bland, dull and boring either. In reality postcards can be very exciting, innovative forms of creative media. They can be artistic and bold making them fun to read and worth keeping for posterity.

Postcards can be used on various topics such as personal messages, holiday wishes and promotions and invitations. To this end I have compiled a collection of 25+ creative examples of Postcard Designs for Inspiration! Great, imaginative postcard ideas if you fancy having a crack at designing your own postcards for clients or loved ones.


postcard design inspiration