We usually only see products that are available to buy in stores and available online. Yet in this in depth feature post we’ll be going behind the scenes on 26 genius future products that aren’t real yet. These products are either preparing to start production or are in the concept design stages and final planning before retail.

So you won’t see any ads or affiliate links promoting any of the cool future products on this page. As you can’t buy them yet. These future products are either not for sale or possibly never will be. Lots of great futuristic products appear in science fiction films and television series such as Star Trek or Terminator.

Future Products

Future Products : Steely red eyed cyborgs like this maybe someway off. On the other hand other future products are nearer than you think.

Some design concepts and future products come to pass in the real world far sooner than you could ever imagine. Whereas other future products remain a distant fantasy and dream, never to be realized until some distant date long from now.

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26 Genius Future Products That Aren’t Real Yet

Still, letting the mind wander about future products and their possibilities makes for interesting debate and musing in our feature post. With some interesting future products like the Memory Foam Chair which leaves your body’s lasting impression etched into the foam.

What about a special chalkboard gadget that converts chalk dust into new sticks of chalk. Or an insanely simple design for a coffee cup that catches all the drips (perfect for coffee lovers!)

There is plenty of vivid imagination to stretch for miles and miles here when it comes to second guessing the innovative new products of the future. So here we go, 26 future products that you really need to see. Read on to see them all.

1. Squishable Cups Made From Edible Jell-O

They’re made from agar agar, which can be thrown into the green grass when finished as a nurturing agent for plant life. Your next backyard BBQ just got way easier to clean up after.

2. A Towel Dryer That Dries Towels and Disinfects Them With UV Light

A towel dryer that not only dries your towels, but disinfects them with UV light.
Nothing worse than stepping out of the hot shower and burying your face in gross mildew smell. Now you don’t have to with the innovative future dryer.

3. Shoes That Easily Transform Into a Mobile Shelter

Shoes that easily transform into a mobile shelter.
For the camping enthusiast. Now I have seen it all.

By design collective Sibling.

4. A Water Sterilizer For Your Fresh Foods

A water sterilizer for your fresh foods.

A Water Sterilizer For Your Fresh Foods

It uses electrolysis to eliminate harmful bacteria in everything from fruits, veggies, kitchen appliances as well as baby bottles and chew toys, all without harmful chemical detergents.

Designed by Sang Keun Sim & Kyowon L&C Design Team.

5. Future Products: A Memory Foam Chair

A memory foam chair, otherwise known as the "Never Leaving My Goddamned House" chair.

Future Products: A Memory Foam Chair

It’s called the Bounce Chair by Véronique Baer. Yes it bounces.

6. A Transparent Hole Punch

A transparent hole punch.

A Transparent Hole Punch

So you can see where the hole is. It’s the little things in life. Next up it will be saving the whales with transparent aluminium.

Designed by Kisang Yoon and Kyubok Lee.

7. A Monster Toybox That “Devours” Toys

A monster toybox that "eats" toys.
It helps kids learn to pick up their toys AND it rolls so they can ride on it to pick up the toys. Looks like a giant shredder to me.

Designed by Tzung-Yu Lu.

8. A Chair That Consists of “Pages”

A chair that consists of "pages."
Inspired by books, it allows the user to adjust the seat height and backrest cushioning simply by turning its colorful padded “pages.”

9. A Chalkboard Trolling Gadget That Converts Chalk Dust to New Sticks of Chalk

A chalkboard trolling gadget that converts chalk dust to new sticks of chalk.
You can never stop learning with this chalk machine for educators.

Designed by Yonggu Do and Eunha Seo.

10. An Insanely Simple Design For a Coffee Cup That Catches All The Drips

An insanely simple design for a coffee cup that catches all the drips.
Designed by Kim Keun Ae, this cup has a ridge that keeps your coffee from dripping onto your surface.

11. Woof: A Toothbrush That Doubles as a Dog Toy

A toothbrush that doubles as a dog toy.
It’s called the Brush n’ Play, by Yunfan Tan, and it solves the one issue that comes with owning a dog: brushing their teeth.

12. A Boot Solution For Really Short People

A boot solution for short people.
They’re going to start wearing these at raves, never mind when washing the car

Get more info on Quirky.

13. Bath Stones That Keep Your Bath Water Warm

Bath stones that keep your bath water warm.
Designed by Sunmi Hwang, Hyunjoo-Lee & Jiwon-Seok.

14. A Hamper and Washer Dryer All in One

A hamper/washer/dryer all in one.
Come home to my tiny apartment, please. Theres a space just for you.

Designed by Guopeng Liang.

15. Future Products: For Teachers, A Date Stapler

For teachers: a date stapler.

This is a total paper organization WIN. Making staplers fun again

Designed by Gonglue Jiang.

16. An Increasable Power Strip

An increasable power strip.
By Chih-Yao Chen.

You know how annoying it can be when you get to the last plug socket, not anymore.

17. A Highlighter That Fades in Six Months

A highlighter that fades in six months.

So you can resell those textbooks when you graduate.

18. The Safe Trek App, Which Alerts Police to Your Location if You’re in Danger

The Safe Trek app, which alerts police to your location if you're in an unsafe situation.
Turn on the app if you feel unsafe and hold your finger on the screen. Once you’ve arrived at a safe location, enter your security code. If your finger leaves the screen without entering the code, law enforcement is notified and your location is traced through the phone.

Designed by Frederico Cardoso.

19. This Safe Extension Power Cord That You Can’t Trip Over

This extension cord, which is flat and sticky like tape so no one will trip over it.
It also lies flat underneath rugs and really cuts down on the bulk.

Designed by Chen Ju Wei.

20. The Ultimate Floor Plan Light Switch For Lazy People With Big Houses

The ultimate floor-plan light switch for lazy people with big houses.
It lights up and tells you where the lights have been left on, and with the press of a button, you’re able to shut them off remotely.

Designed by Taewon Hwang.

21. Future Products : Printer That TANS Paper Using Solar Energy

Instead of using ink, this printer TANS the paper using solar energy.<
Design by Hosung Jung, Junsang Kim, Seungin Lee & Yonggu Do.

It should do away with tattoos for sure.

22. Roomba 2.0: “Jell” Balls That Disperse and Do The Cleaning for You

Roomba 2.0: "jell" balls that disperse and do the cleaning for you.
What’s cool is that they even work on wet surfaces.

Designed by Juan Lee.

23. Portable Electromagnetic Dumbbells That Adjust Their Weight Automatically

Easily transportable electromagnetic dumbbells that can adjust weight automatically.
You can adjust the weight of the dumbbells by adjusting the level of electric power so that one set can range from 3kg to 24kg. No excuse for not lifting enough now.

Designed by Suhyun Yoo, Hongseok Kim and Juhyeon Lee.

24. A levitating Sofa That Uses a Giant Magnet to Simulate Sitting on a Cloud

A levitating sofa that uses a giant magnet to simulate sitting on a cloud.
The ultimate breakthrough in power napping in the sky.

Designed by David Koo and Zheng Yawei.

25. A Circular Shower That Rinses From Every Direction

A circular shower that rinses you off from every angle.
You’ll never suffer from extraneous armpit soap again. Every angle is covered with this amazing future shower.

Designed by Idiha Design.

26. Finally the Coffeemaker With Handprint Recognition to Make the Perfect Cup

A coffeemaker that uses handprint recognition to make the perfect cup of coffee according to personal preference.

Coffee future fantasies would look like this. A coffeemaker that uses handprint recognition to make the perfect cup of coffee according to personal preference.

This futuristic coffee machine I would certainly have. Yes it looks a bit Star Trek but I still want one for my kitchen. There you have it 26 amazing future products that might be; just might be heading to retailers near you in the coming months and years. Or perhaps not, time will tell. See you in the 23rd century folks.