Intricate tattoos are very complex and detailed, because of this many hours are put into the planning and tattoo work. Don’t be fooled, in order to get an intricate tattoo you need to be very patient and make sure you can handle the amount of time that’s needed in the tattoo chair!

Today we’ll be looking at 26 gorgeous intricate tattoo ideas ranging from geometric shapes, animals to complex landscapes and nature tattoos.

1. This minimalist ode to the Philippine flag.

2. This geometric three-stars-and-a-sun backpiece.

3. This intricate tribal pattern.

4. And this tribal Philippine flag.

5. This majestic chest piece.

6. This complex geometric eagle you could stare at all day.

7. This distorted little royal.

8. This stylized carabao head.

9. And this incredible catfish.

10. This masterful work that just brings out nostalgia.

11. This fierce warrior with an equally fierce carabao to the rescue.

12. This nipa hut that reminds you of blissful life in the provinces.

13. And this masterpiece of the rice terraces.

14. This ode to the province of Pampanga.

15. These pink sampaguita blossoms.

16. These beautifully colored ones which look equally flawless on their own.

17. And these that almost look like the real thing.

18. This lonely hibiscus flower.

19. This appreciation of the beautiful Boracay sunset.

20. And this tiny tropical delight.

21. This modern day hero realness.

22. And this perfect optical illusion.

Because we all have a Manny Pacquiao in every one of us.

23. Mandala Tattoo on Arm


24. Geometric Tattoo on Waist


25. Intricate Sleeve Tattoo Idea


26. Intricate Henna Tattoo on Back


via buzzfeed