You can’t put a price on making someone laugh! Prank gifts are a great way to fool your friends and family, but let’s face it most gag gifts don’t have a purpose and are eventually thrown away.

These funny prank gifts actually have a pretty good purpose and will be used daily by your loved ones. Including some awesome gag gifts like a Pencil Case that looks like a fish.

Or how about the candles that look like real fruit. With these real world prank gifts you can easily fool your friends into thinking you’ve taken up the dirty habit of smoking with pencil cigarettes. Or why not get grungy with a throw pillow that looks like crumpled paper?

Funny Prank Gifts

The opportunities are endless, nevertheless there are some really clever design ideas here that actually have real world applications in everyday use, enjoy these useful prank gift ideas.

1. This Fish Pencil Pouch

Get this amazing fish pencil pouch here. It may look a little fishy but it sure holds a lot of pencils.Get the awesome [easyazon_link identifier=”B014IJ4QC6″ locale=”US” tag=”searchgatestuden”]fish pencil pouch[/easyazon_link].

 Luckily, the fish pencil pouch doesn’t smell bad at all . You can get one like this [easyazon_link identifier=”B014IJ4QC6″ locale=”US” tag=”searchgatestuden”]right here[/easyazon_link].

2. Cool Sushi Towels

More fish to enjoy with these amazing [easyazon_link identifier=”B00JP8V5BQ” locale=”US” tag=”searchgatestuden”]Sushi towels[/easyazon_link], get them here.

3. Fruit Candles

Pretty enough to eat. You can get these here and here.

4. Pencil Earbuds

Look studious with these [easyazon_link identifier=”B00DZ1TT9Y” locale=”US” tag=”searchgatestuden”]pencil earbuds[/easyazon_link].
What a great way to listen to your fav tunes, get the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00DZ1TT9Y” locale=”US” tag=”searchgatestuden”]pencil earbuds[/easyazon_link] here.

5. These lined paper iPAD CASES ($14).

For the progressive traditionalist. Available here.

6. This potato chip PILLOW ($16).

At least it lasts longer than a real bag of chips! Buy it here.

7. These chewing gum MAGNETS ($8).

HA HAR HA. Tell ‘em how you really feel. Get them here.

8. These cracker NOTEBOOKS ($12.50).

For the friend who can never stop thinking about snacking. Available here.

9. This pizza JIGSAW PUZZLE ($18).

The best way to throw a pizza party. Available here.

10. These syringe HIGHLIGHTERS ($2.50).

For the friend who has to endure medical school. Get them here.

11. This burrito YOGA BAG ($40).

~Romantic~. Get it here.

12. These macaron COIN PURSES ($14).

Oh, and they’re scented. Get them here.

13. This pair of legs LAP PILLOW ($25).

Everyone needs a personal lap. Get it here.

14. This cassette TAPE DISPENSER ($21).

Legit vintage. Get it here.

15. These cigarette PENCILS ($11).

Acceptable “smoking: in public areas. Get them here.

16. This giant bear SLEEPING BAG ($2,350).

Perfect for encountering real bears when camping. Just sleep. Order here.

17. This PB&J POUCH ($8).

Choose from a variety of different food pouches here.

18. These chopstick PENCILS ($5).

Dream life = eating and writing at the SAME TIME. Buy them here.

19. This ceramic notebook TRAY ($25).

Hi, here’s a “stack of paper”…to hold your food. Buy it here.

20. This floppy disk TABLE ($930).

It even comes with a secret storage slot. Buy it here.

21. This “hinge” PACKING TAPE ($13).

Hyoungmin Park & Jeongmin Lee /

Hyoungmin Park & Jeongmin Lee / Via

For the packaging aficionado. Buy it here.

22. These balloon LAMPS ($56).

So, you stole a balloon from Chick-fil-A. Thanks. Get them here.

23. This book TENT ($439).

Live out your fantasy in the wiiiiiild. Customize your own reading tent here.

24. This cinema PLACEMAT ($7.30).

For the friend who netflixes and eats. Available here.

25. This crumpled paper THROW PILLOW ($20).

Crumpled trash is the pinnacle of true love. Available here.

26. This Game Boy iPHONE CASE ($15).

For the friend who hates modernity. Available here.

27. This CATFISH.

Sadly, not for sale. But here is a mermaid tail for your cat.