These days Jewelry can be found in all sorts of places, and the best this about it is it doesn’t have to cost a fortune! The new craze to hit today is DIY Jewelry, it’s stylish, colorful and super fun to make and wear!

Jewellery or jewelry consists of small decorative items worn for personal adornment, such as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Jewellery may be attached to the body or the clothes, and the term is restricted to durable ornaments, excluding flowers for example.

Do-it-yourself Jewelry doesn’t need to be made with expensive materials! With some clever ideas like making necklace charms from concrete, a cool bracelet madee out of some hair ties and links of chain, or even some beautiful DIY Earrings made from embroidery thread!

These are 27 Jewelry DIYs You’ll Actually Want To Wear!

1. This flower crown — DIYed from dollar store fake flowers — makes the perfect summer festival accessory.

Find out how to make it here.

2. Maybe the easiest jewelry DIY ever?

Nailpolish and gold chains? Yes please. Get the instructions here.

3. Braid with the best of ‘em!

Tutorial here.

4. Make amazing concrete charms!

Find out how here.

5. Or create a bunch of cool bracelets out of some hair ties and links of chain.

Easy peasy. Get the instructions here.

6. Make this eggggggsellent bird’s nest necklace.

Find out how, here.

7. Looks good enough to eat.

Get the instructions here.

8. Catch a rainbow in this prism necklace.

Find out how to make it here.

9. Try these colorful wrapped pom pom bracelets on for size.

Get the instructions here.

10. Mix metal with soft fabrics with this woven bracelet.

Simple instructions here.

11. Weave your ratty old tees into cool new bracelets and necklaces.

Directions here.

12. Wear a party on your wrist.

So easy! Find out how to do it here.

13. Shine bright like a diamond (ring)

Find out how, here.

14. This wire knot ring will basically take you two seconds.

Instructions here.

15. This stone and rope necklace makes a gorgeous statement.

Make it in a minute or two. Find out how here.

16. Admit it, you want to eat this donut bangle.

Okay, maybe not, but you probably want to wear it. Make it with a little nail polishhere.

17. Create a crystal-rific stone and leather bangle.

You can use any stone! Get the tutorial here.

18. Turn a few twigs into shiny arm candy.

Get the directions here.

19. How pretty is this colorful rope necklace? (So pretty).

Check out the tutorial here.

20. Pom poms aren’t just for cheerleaders.

Find out how to make it here.

21. Join the chain gang with this double chain necklace.

Very cool, and simple to make. Find out how, here.

22. Give your ears a treat.

Find out how to make these here.

23. You can make these cool faceted rings out of clay.

No fancy jewelry skills needed. Full tutorial here.

24. Tile is to die for. Try this tile ring on for size.

Find out how to make it here.

25. Create cool woven chain bracelets.

Learn how to do it here.

26. Get twisted with these twist and knot wire rings.

Instructions here.

27. And finally, go for the gold with these gold tube bracelets.

Learn how to do it here.

via BuzzFeed