Let’s face it cleaning isn’t the most fun task, if you’re finding your home to be unclean and dirty in some places it may be time for a deep clean! Cleaning doesn’t have to be done with expensive clean products or materials, today we’ll show you how to deep clean your house or apartment!

With the help of some basic tools you can learn how to deep clean your apartment hassle free! These clever diy cleaning hacks include getting all the stains out of a microfiber couch with the help of rubbing alcohol, clean your shower head with a plastic bag and vinegar or if your stovetop is grimey vinegar and elbow grease will clean a gas cooktop.

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How to Deep Clean Your Home

1. Get all the stains out of a microfiber couch with the help of rubbing alcohol.



Spray, scrub, and ta-da! Clean couch. See the full tutorial here.

2. Use a cordless stick vacuum instead of a giant vacuum.

The Sweethome tested several models, and liked the Hoover Air Cordless 2-in-1 best for homes under 800 square feet.

3. Use a hair dryer to get rid of water rings on your wood furniture.

See how this works here.

4. Clean your oven with ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

Alanna Okun / BuzzFeed Life

Read more about how this works — and why you should substitute water for the white vinegar — here.

5. Polish your stainless steel with cream of tartar.

Read about this here.

6. Or, polish your stainless with Pledge — it’ll make everything v. v. shiny.

This works on almost everything stainless in your home, including water faucets (and tiny mini-fridges). From here.

7. Clean your shower head with a plastic bag and vinegar.


Read the full how-to here.

8. De-scale your faucets with paper towels and vinegar.

The plastic bag trick would also work here — same concept. Get the tutorial here.

9. Easily clean your microwave with a little vinegar and lemon.

Just microwave, then wipe. Read the how-to here.

10. Clean your glass cooktop with dish soap, baking soda, water, and time.

Bonus: it won’t make the whole apartment smell like chemicals. Learn how to do ithere.

11. Vinegar and elbow grease will clean a gas cooktop.

See how to do this here.

12. Clean the floor of your shower with ROG3.

Get the tutorial for this here.

13. Mix dish soap and vinegar in a dishwashing wand for an easy shower cleaner that you can use everyday.



And hang it on a suction cup, so it doesn’t take up any valuable tiny shower space. Learn more about this here.

14. Clean greasy surfaces in your kitchen with a spray bottle full of rubbing alcohol.

Read more about it here.

15. Clean dust off of your lampshades and pillows with a lint roller.

So satisfying, so easy. From here.

16. Use a pumice stone to clean under the rim of your toilet bowl.

You can find them at your hardware store, or here for $4.99. Alternatively, you can use duct tape and vinegar, but that technique requires that the toilet be out of commission for about 8 hours — which wouldn’t work if you only have one bathroom.

17. Use an iron and vinegar to get rid of deep set carpet stains.

Learn how to make this work here.

18. While you have the iron out, use it to fix dents in your hardwood floors.

It will keep dirt from getting stuck in the crevices in the future.. Read the full tutorialhere.

19. Use a dish cleaner filled with dish soap to clean your cabinets and baseboards.

Same idea as cleaning with a toothbrush, but it covers a much larger surface area. So everything will go faster. Just make sure to finish by wiping the soap off with a wet wash cloth. Read more about it here.

20. Scrub off stubborn dirt marks on your floors and cabinets with WD-40.

Get more WD-40 hacks at Reader’s Digest.

21. Wash your AC vents, then use a coat of wax to keep them dust-free for longer.

Learn how you should do this here.

22. Pick up pet hair with a damp rubber glove.

Antonis Achilleos / Real Simple

From Real Simple.

23. Shower your trash can.

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

You probably don’t have a yard, or a hose, to use to clean your trash can. So spray it down with some vinegar (or cleaning product of your choice), let it sit, then rinse — in your shower.

24. Dust screens with a coffee filter.

They’re cheaper than Swiffer duster refills. From here.

25. Rub down old paintings with half a bagel.

It’ll be gentle, and pick up dust. You could probably dust other things with your bagel afterward, too. From here.

26. Use cleaning slime to easily pick up dirt and grime from small crevices.

Like your keyboard, or the inside corners of drawers. Learn how to make it here.

27. Use a sock and vinegar to clean blinds.

You’re deep cleaning, remember? You want to get every single inch. Get the tutorialhere.

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