Are you a person who loves breakfast? There’s no doubting it that breakfast is one of the best times of the day for food! Usually when we think of breakfast we think about scrumptious pancakes, muffins, bacon, eggs, waffles and maple syrup! If you a breakfast lover you need to check out these insanily brilliant breakfast gadgets!

Make breakfast time a breeze with these creative gadgets for breaky! Featuring the ultimate breakfast sandwich maker gadget, start your day off with a smile with some clever smiley pancakes gadget or buy a special cereal bowl that will stop your cereal from going soggy!

2. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Turn anybody into a breakfast lover with one of these babies. Available here($33.99).

3. Sunnyside Egg Shaper

Guaranteed to brighten even the darkest morning. Available here ($20.50)

4. Bogeyman Egg Separator

Maybe the only way to make an egg white omelet fun. Available here ($21.99).

5. Smiley Faces Pancake Pan

You’re never fully dressed without a smiley pancake. Available here ($45).

6. Pancake Pen

Food art just got a little bit easier. Available here ($9.99).

7. Glass-Sided Toaster

Because how are you supposed to get your toast exactly how you want it if you can’t even see it!?!? Available here ($74.99).

8. Guillotine Bagel Slicer

Slicing a bagel perfectly in half is a skill that most of us just don’t have. Available here($17.99).

9. Brew Whale Tea Infuser

Guaranteed to ~excite~ your morning cup. Available here ($14.99).

10. Waffle Stick Maker

Waffle stick provide maximum crusty surface area. Also, potential for seriously delicious dippage. Available here ($60).

11. Ceramic Bacon Cooker

No grease left behind! Available here ($16.99).

12. Personal Iced Coffee Brewer

All jokes aside this is so completely necessary. Available here ($14.99).

13. Egg and Bacon Spatulas

Bacon flips bacon. Available here ($8.20 each).

14. Rollie

Crack eggs into a bowl, beat them together, then pour into the Rollie, turn it on, and wait for your fully cooked omelet to rise on up! Available here ($15).

15. Never Soggy Cereal Bowls

Some of us like to sit and savor those crispy chex. Available here ($11.99).

16. Bananza Banana Slicer

A misandrist breakfast lover’s dream come true. Available here ($7.95).

17. Shark Bowl

Every week is shark week when Jaws is swimming in your cereal. Available here($19.95).

18. Chick Egg Mold

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Doesn’t really matter, now that the chickenis the egg. Hard-boil eggs in this simple mold, then stand them on adorable chicken legs to serve! Available here ($5.95).

19. Self-Mixing Mug

Why stir the milk into your coffee when a mug can do it for you? Available here($24.95).

20. Donut Maker

Why should you have to leave your house for the Hol(e)y Grail of breakfast pastries? Available here ($15.99).

21. Selfie Toaster

Submit a headshot and receive a custom heating insert that will brand your likeness onto your morning toast. A reminder of just how awesome you are, every damn morning. Available here ($69.95).

via buzzfeed