Have you recently purchased a new home or are planning to give your old abode a new appearance? If any of these is true, you must learn to think creatively before investing your hard-earned money. In other words, you should bring out the DIYer in you to ensure that your home decorating project is completed without busting your budget.

Begin by finding a store that sells all the basic homeware for reasonable prices. Try to reuse the existing items of home décor in your home. Finally, follow the ideas below to change the appearance of your home.

1. Begin by Changing the Look of the Front Door

You can make a striking first impression just by transforming the regular front door of your house into something more attractive. The easiest way of doing that is by painting the door with a glossy, fun color such as blue, yellow, orange, or even red.

While blue is a color of sanity and peacefulness, a red front door will make your home look more welcoming. Orange and yellow, on the other hand, are colors associated with warmth and joy. You can do the painting yourself, which will save you money even further.

2. Every Room Should Have a Mirror

This trick is instrumental in turning any room into a bright space. However, to ensure that your room looks more spacious and brighter, you must place the mirror in the right spot.

Pick the wall positioned perpendicularly to a window for placing the mirror. If you place the mirror exactly on the opposite wall of the window, the light will hit the mirror and bound back out of the window. This will do more harm to your room’s appearance than good.

3. Use Different Kinds of Lighting

Your home should have three types of lighting. They are ambient lighting for offering overall illumination, task lighting for lighting up areas meant for particular tasks, and accent lighting for highlighting important objects and parts of your home.

Ambient lights are usually installed on the ceiling. You must install task lights on the kitchen island or near the reading corner. Put the accent lights near items you want to highlight; these may include artwork, photos, and so on.

4. Place Attractive Rugs Underneath Furniture Feet

Choose rugs that complement the color of your walls, furniture, and floor. If you have a large room opt for dark colored rugs or rugs with patterns on them. For smaller rooms, it would be a good idea to use light colored pieces. Placing rugs under your furniture will help you to define your home’s sitting area or dining area more easily.

Final Words

The above tips will help you to decorate your home without any professional help. The results, however, will be remarkably good.