So, your home has a fantastic new loft conversion, but the white plaster walls don’t exactly make you want to spend much time in it. The key to making your loft conversion liveable and one of your favorite rooms in the house is by choosing a good color scheme. The right colors create a vibe in the room and evoke a particular emotion when people walk in. Depending on the function of your loft, different color schemes will bring the whole space together.

How to choose the color scheme for your loft conversion?

If you’re still in the planning process for your loft conversion, then the priority is getting it built even before choosing colors. Enlist the help of the experts at, and the construction will be underway in a jiffy, allowing you to think about the fun stuff: decorating the space. When you’re thinking about a color scheme for your loft conversion here are a few things to keep in mind:

– The function of your loft

– Your personal style

– The mood you are going for

Consider these factors when picking your color scheme. However, to get you started, here are three color schemes to help make your loft look perfect.

Keep it simple

A simplistic and minimalistic look goes amazing in a loft conversion. White or off-white walls help to keep the space bright and airy, but you could always off-set the walls with some neutral tones in your accessories, décor, and furniture, such as beiges, light browns or grays. This color scheme works exceptionally well if you are using your loft conversion for a home office or gym space, as the simple tones won’t distract you. If you are keen to down this route, make sure you call in the team from to complete the look for you. You can then accent with a few bright plants to add a pop without it being too much.

Neutrals and deep blues

If you’re looking to evoke a sense of calm in your loft conversion, a color scheme containing deep blues coupled with neutral tones is beautiful. Consider a blue accent wall with some light wood décor to contrast against it. Deeper blue tones are instantly calming, and using earthly tones alongside it creates a natural look. Include natural fibers throughout the space with materials like wicker and bamboo to make the space flow. It’s a great color scheme for a guest bedroom or yoga/meditation space.

Bright and bold

If you plan to use your loft conversion for a second entertaining space or recreation room for the kids, consider making a statement with bold colors. Reds and oranges will make the space pop and create a social atmosphere in the room. Bright colors inspire passion, so you’ll want to choose this scheme if your loft conversions function is for entertainment. Contrast the bold tones with black furniture and accessories. Choose pieces with a glossy finish to add a dynamic touch to the space.