Congratulations! Now that you have a new piano, your next step is to start learning it. It’s your chance to learn how to create some beautiful music. Besides being able to play music, learning a new instrument offers many other benefits.  

Several studies have shown that learning something new is beneficial for your health. So what do you have to do to learn this instrument? The following post will guide you through easy ways to learn the piano in 2023. So, you can start your musical journey by following these three tips.  

Take Online Piano Lessons 

Playing an instrument may initially seem overwhelming. However, finding a method that works for you based on your schedule and budget may help. With the internet readily accessible, you can learn to play piano keyboard in the comfort of your home. The flexibility of online piano lessons enables you to study at your convenience. 

Selecting the most suitable method for learning the piano is critical in achieving your desired level of proficiency. It’ll help you determine the most suitable option based on your learning style. Let’s take a look at the most accessible ways: 

 YouTube Learning 

The YouTube platform is an easy way to learn piano in 2023. It provides an excellent resource for free content. Furthermore, it has countless piano lessons you can learn at your fingertips. It is an ideal choice for quick and easy song tutorials, filling gaps in your learning and achieving small wins. However, the lack of organization may leave you wanting a more structured and coherent approach to learning the piano online. 

Video Game-Style Learning 

With technology advancing rapidly, innovative learning platforms have emerged for piano players. Programs such as Musician, Simply Piano, and Flow key utilize technology to provide instant feedback based on the speed and accuracy of your playing. The unique approach to these programs creates a video game-style learning experience that is both effective and enjoyable. These programs can detect incorrect playing and grade your performance accordingly. This feature promotes self-competition and makes the learning process feel like an entertaining game. 

Private Online Lessons  

Private online piano lessons provide one-on-one attention that can enhance your learning experience. Personalized lesson plans and instant feedback make it worthwhile. It is crucial to choose a piano teacher who respects your time and aligns with your goals. Finding someone you connect with and whose teaching style suits your learning style is vital to your success.  

Use Piano Learning Apps 

Whether you aspire to learn the piano or want your children to develop an interest in it, quality piano apps are available today. Although the piano is not the most accessible instrument, your smartphone can help you understand the keyboard keys and sheet music. 

While an app cannot entirely replace learning from a professional, it can still be a valuable resource. Piano apps offer tutorials, lessons, and recordings that you can use to enhance your skills. These features can help improve your understanding of music theory and practising techniques. 

Piano Academy 

The Piano Academy app caters to novice and experienced pianists, offering a platform to learn the piano and hone your skills with your favorite tunes. The app provides tutorials from professional instructors who will guide you through the fundamentals of playing the piano and assist you in playing your first song. 

Real Piano Teacher 

Real Piano Teacher is a fun and engaging app to teach you everything you need to know about playing the piano. Features like lessons, games, and leader boards would encourage you to play better and learn more efficiently. One of its standout features is connecting your USB MIDI keyboard to the app, allowing you to learn with a physical piano. You can still use the on-screen keyboard to practice if you don’t have a physical piano. 

Piano by Yousician 

Yousician is a well-known learning platform that offers guitar, piano, and ukulele lessons. Users rate the Yousician guitar app highly since it helps them learn to play it easily. It’s also an excellent resource, offering interactive lessons to help you progress. You can use your piano or the built-in keyboard; the app guides you through learning to play your favorite songs at your own pace.   

Practice with Sheet Music 

Learning how to read sheet music is an easy way to learn piano in 2023 since it can help you achieve a lot. Whether you play a song you heard on the radio or join in with friends who play musical instruments, you will find value in it. It can also expand your artistic knowledge in general.  

Music is a language that uses symbols to represent pitch, speed, rhythm, and the expression and techniques used to play a piece. These symbols, like letters, words, and sentences in a book, have been used for hundreds of years. With sheet music, you can easily explore a new world of music and unlock your potential as a musician.  


The process of learning the piano can be a challenging one, but it can also be gratifying. You can improve your skills and raise your playing level by taking online piano lessons, using piano learning apps, and practising with sheet music and tutorials. If you practice diligently and have the right resources, you can become a skilled pianist in 2023.