Are you looking to renovate all or a part of your bathroom? You will find that you have plenty of different options available when it comes to these vanities, and there tend to be options for just about everyone, including those who want a modern style and design. The following are three basic styles for modern bathroom vanities that you might want to consider. There are some great options amongst these designs.

Single Vanities

There are many who would benefit from the use of a single vanity that has just one sink. This would be a nice option for those who will not need to share the bathroom with someone in the morning, and for those who do not have much space. These vanities are available in different styles, and many of them will have some storage space in them, as well. Anyone will be able to benefit from having a little extra storage.

Double Vanities

These are, as the name suggests, vanities that are about twice as large as single vanities and that will have two sinks in them. Those who do have a significant other in the bathroom in the morning, or those who have children who are sharing a bathroom and who need to get ready in the morning will appreciate these larger vanities. Again, there is often some storage space available with them. These and the single vanities are often mounted to the wall, although there may be some that are pedestal mounted.

Bathroom Vanities with Extra Storage

Those who need more space will be happy to know that there are some great options available that could work well for their needs. They will be larger, whether they have one or two sinks, because they have a substantial amount of storage available. This is a good option for those who tend to have a lot of bathroom products that will need storage.

While these are easily some of the best options for modern bathroom vanities, they are certainly not the only options. Take some time to consider what you might want and need in your bathroom, and what will work for your bathroom style, and then make a choice.