After the hectic business of planning and prepping a wedding, and the enormous excitement and emotional drain of the big day itself, the honeymoon is the perfect time to relax, take a breath, and have a bit of time just for the two of you. The wedding might have been perfection itself, but the honeymoon is something more intimate, more personal, and a much-needed bit of R&R as well!

But the intimacy and relaxation of a honeymoon doesn’t mean that you won’t want to commemorate it with photography. You might not want a photographer tagging along throughout your vacation, but organizing a honeymoon photo session can be a lovely way to remember this magical trip.

If you are thinking about setting up the perfect honeymoon photo, here are a few thoughts on where (and how) to take the best honeymoon picture.

On location

This might sound obvious (all your honeymoon photos are going to be taken while you are on honeymoon, obviously!) but taking a photo that showcases your chosen destination is a slightly different prospect. This means finding somewhere iconic, quintessential, that both captures the essence of your honeymoon and shows off the best and most recognizable sights of your chosen location. A shot beneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris, for example!

At sunset

Sunset photos are an old favorite, a classic shot, and one that never gets old. They might be all over Instagram all the time, but there’s a reason for that – they look so darn good! So lean into the straight-up beauty of the light at sunset and find a location that does it justice – the beach, a gorgeous panorama, an iconic cityscape, or if you are on a cruise for your honeymoon, the main deck – and get the perfect sunset photo.

Somewhere cozy

A huge part of any honeymoon is snuggling up with your loved one and getting cozy and comfortable, so why not immortalize this with a photo? These shots can be taken almost anywhere, inside or out, in a park, wrapped up warm against the cold, or in front of a roaring fire in a cute bar. The key thing to take into account is capturing the natural, cuddly, effortless affection that you and your partner feel, both with the location and with your poses. These will probably be the most naturalistic photos you take all trip, so just relax and enjoy them!