1. Multimedia Zone.

 You can locate your multimedia area under the stairs with a piece of furniture that allows you to hide all the cables behind it. In this way you will take advantage of the space available to the maximum saving in the furniture of the television. If you also have a pet, you can dedicate the lowest and least accessible part to people to create a rest area like this space.

2. Reading / Relaxing Corner. The stairwell is a place enough to create an intimate and personal space.  With a bench or bed to measure and a few cushions you get to set it, creating a quiet and comfortable space, where to spend a very special night or lose reading your favorite novel .

3. Ladder-Library. 

Reading fans can not overlook this option that allows them to have their most precious treasures at hand and in sight. A staircase that reinvents itself with a double use taking advantage of each one of the steps to give space to shelves with capacity for many, many books. A multi functional solution that will further enhance the architecture of the staircase!

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