Nature has always been the best source of inspiration and will always be. Each of us is a part of nature, so it should come as no surprise that we want to be surrounded by natural beauty not only in real life, but also online, and that is why there are so many nature themed websites out there. Among them are personal sites, portfolio sites, corporate sites and other web pages. These sites are using colors most commonly found in nature (green, brown, blue), organic textures and illustrations of grass, flowers, animals, birds, mountains, etc.

In other words, a nature inspired website is not necessarily a website related to nature, natural protection or the like; it can be any website where users see the earth, the sky, the sun and to some extent feel close to nature.

As you scroll down you will notice that about half of the below examples are using images of trees. We’re featuring so many websites of this kind because of two reasons: firstly because a tree is a part of nature; and secondly … just look at the logo of our website and you will know why 🙂

Heath Waller


Tahoe Tech Talk



Pixel Baecker

Assime Star

Arbel Designs

Seam Co

Envira Media


Raise the Roof Productions

The Neighbourhood

Clear Air Challenge

E-Schneider Garten

Nenad Kovacic

Florida Flourish

The Pixel


Helen and Josh Sitting in a Tree

Kevin Kristen Wedding 

Coo-coo Core

One by Zero



Web Design Futures


Somos la pera Limonera