Tiny gifts are can be a fabulous gift idea! If you’re looking for teeny tiny gift ideas that are packed with tons of cuteness these gifts are for you! Not only are these gifts super small they are totally cute and some can serve a meaningful purpose!

With some exceptionally tiny gift ideas that your friends and family will love like a  Lilliputian Etch A Sketch, a set of mini cocktail shot glasses, a minute Polaroid camera to wear around your neck, a bunch of peanut-sized planters and even a set of Temporary tattoos so small that they’d fit on a Barbie doll!

Super Cute Tiny Gift Ideas

1. A quartet of pint-sized hamster erasers.

Price: $8

2. A teensy grilled cheese sandwich (in earring form).

Price: $25.15

3. A Lilliputian Etch A Sketch.

Price: $8

4. A set of mini cocktail shot glasses.

Price: $17.99

5. A package of tiny encouragement cards.

Price: $8

6. Diminutive ear earrings.

Price: $55

7. A micro crocheted chameleon.

Price: $48

8. A miniature Hobbit house.

Price: $195

9. A collection of shrimpy embroidery hoops.

Price: $7.50

10. A pocket-sized quadcopter.

Price: $39.95

11. A baby Nutella breakfast on a chain.

Price: $27

12. A petite platypus bowl.

Price: $17.59

13. A minute Polaroid camera to wear around your neck.

Price: $35.90

14. An itty bitty ceramic bookcase.

Price: $131

15. A pair of eensy weensy boob rings.

Price: $17.56

16. A runty set of drums for your desk.

Price: $17.95

17. A puny typewriter calendar.

Price: $6.99

18. A taco you could eat in one bite.

But don’t! He’s a magnet.

Price: $5

19. Teeny dishes for your rings.

Price: $28

20. Minuscule versions of the Seinfeld and Friendsapartments.

Price: $12.95

21. Pipsqueak Pabst pins.

Price: $5.50

22. A lil’ amigurumi pup.

Price: $15.63

23. Small fry kitchen-themed erasers.

Price: $2.49

24. A bunch of peanut-sized planters.

Price: $13

25. A coaster-sized bear skin rug.

Price: $14

26. A five pack of incredibly small zines.

Price: $1.50

27. A Theremin fit for elves.

Price: $39.95

28. A munchkin piano that plays music.

Price: $69

29. Temporary tattoos so small that they’d fit on a Barbie doll.

Price: $4.44

30. And a selection of small-scale masterpieces.

Price: $15

via buzzfeed