One of the best parts of the holiday’s is giving and receiving gifts from your loved ones. But usually the wrapping your gift is in is standard and dull. Why not get creative these holidays with this collection of over thirty creative and useful diy gift wrapping ideas!

I guarantee these DIY gift wrapping ideas will bring a smile to peoples faces when they see the personalisation and effort that has gone into the wrapping of their gift. There are so many wonderful do-it-yourself ideas like paper flowers, diy boxes, various ribbons, vintage wrapping paper and heaps more!

One of the best reasons to create your own diy gift wrapping is you’re recycling various materials and saving money while being creative at the save time! What better way to bring some enjoyment with the usual wrapping paper than adding something special with your designer side.

DIY Wrapping Paper + Stamp Tutorial


DIY Toilet Roll Gift Box


DIY Tissue Paper Flower Wrapping


DIY Washi Tape and Kraft Paper


FIY Flower Bows


4 Festive Wrapping Ideas

diy-wrapping-007 diy-wrapping-008 diy-wrapping-009 diy-wrapping-010

DIY Stamp Printed Fabric Wrapping

Hand-print fabric for gift wrap that can be used over and over again:

DIY Fabric Ribbon

Or use fabric as ribbon:

DIY Confetti Dipped Wrapping

Dip a box or gift bag in confetti:

Chalkboard markers on black bags or paper

Use chalkboard markers on black bags or paper:

DIY Chalkboard gift tags

Or make chalkboard gift tags:

DIY Cereal Gift Box

Use cereal boxes to make little gift boxes:

DIY decorated pouch for small presents

Decorate a pouch for small presents:

DIY Fabric or paper plant wrapper

Wrap a plant in a square of pretty paper or fabric:

Add some plant or vine to enhance boring wrapping

Slip a small plant under some twine to transform plain brown wrapping:

DIY Old Shirt Wrapping

DIY Fluffy Snowballs for boring wrapping

Dress up a brown box with a wax paper bow-snowball-fluffy-thing:

Uninflated Balloon Ribbons

Uninflated balloons also make unique ribbons:

DIY Pyramid gift boxes

Make these easy pyramid gift boxes:

DIY Cupcake liners to make flower toppers for your gifts

Use cupcake liners to make flower toppers for your gifts:

Security envelopes Liner Wrappers

This box is wrapped using the liners of security envelopes:

Musical Note Wrapping Paper

Store-bought wrapping paper is a social construct! Use something more fun, like sheet music:

DIY Vintage Newspaper Wrapping

And newspapers:

DIY Map Wrapping Paper

And maps:

Names Made from Musical Sheets or Maps

Or use them just for accents on brown paper:

DIY Origami Wrapping Paper

If you've always wanted to try origami, this gift box is an easy way to learn:

Directions here.

Measuring Tape Liners

Measuring tape pops against plain brown paper:

DIY personalized word-search

Make a personalized word-search: