During our times of cleaning we can sometimes forget the basics like our hairbrushes, toothbrush holder and even vacuum cleaners. For health reasons it’s always important to clean your home, the bedrooms, lounge room, bathroom and kitchen areas always need a clean – but you’ll be surprised to find out that there are things in your home you should be cleaning but aren’t!

From basic daily necessities like hairbrushes, reusable bags, shower curtains, pillows, headphones and air vents just to name a few! For all you clean freaks out there don’t forget these important things that need a clean!

Dirty Things In Your Home That Need Cleaning

1. Hairbrushes

After pulling out all of the hair, soak them in warm water with some shampoo. Full directions here.

2. Toothbrushes

They benefit from a vinegar soak.

3. The toothbrush’s holder

Have you taken a close look at it lately? All it needs is a good scrubbing, and maybea soak in mouthwash.

4. Vacuum filters

Get those allergens out with a little help from the diswasher. Read here first.

5. Trash cans

Even those gigantic ones outside. Tips here.

6. Telephones (+ cell phones)

Don’t spray a cleaner directly onto the phone, and use rubbing alcohol for the mouth- and earpieces. More details here.

7. Shower curtains

Think you can just wipe down that shower curtain with vinegar? Think again. (Hint: you can put it right in your washing machine.)

8. TV remotes and game controllers

Microfiber cloths and toothbrushes work wonders. Remove the batteries first, and don’t spray anything directly onto the remote.

9. Your car’s steering wheel and buttons

If it’s leather, use a leather cleaner. If it’s plastic, you can wipe down with a disinfecting wipe. Make sure to get everything your hands touch — including the gearshift.

10. Pop-up sink stoppers

There’s more hair there than you think.

11. Also bathtub drains

Get ready for gross pictures. You’ll need needle-nose pliers.

12. Faucet aerators

Those are the tiny screens that help you use less water. Learn how to clean it here.

13. Reusable grocery bags

They’re machine washable, but here’s a recipe for disinfectant to use between washes.

14. Doormats

Especially after muddy days. Learn how to clean your coir doormat here.

15. Duvets and pillows

I always sleep better when my bedding smells like dryer sheets — and that smell lasts longer if you’re not just cleaning your pillowcase and duvet cover. Here’s how to wash your duvet, and here’s how to wash pillows.

16. Bathroom exhaust fan

A burst of canned air will do the trick.

17. AC/heating vents

Get all of that dust out with a knife and a washcloth.

18. Door locks

You might already clean your knobs, but what about the deadbolt?

19. BBQ grill

If you’re lucky enough to have one. Ammonia will help you out.

20. Houseplants

Yes, those get dusty too, and breed bugs. Mostly, you can just spray them down with water, or brush those fuzzy leaves with a toothbrush. Read full instructions here.

21. Credit cards

Use an eraser to clean the magnetic strip. From here.

22. Bathroom loofahs

You can use bleach, or some vinegar.

23. Oscillating fans

Hopefully it’s not this grungy.

24. Earbuds and headphones

Because you don’t want to get an ear infection. Directions here.

25. Yoga mats

Remember how much time it spends on the floor? Here’s a recipe for a disinfectant spray.

26. Lampshades

Clean off that dust! Apparently, expensive shades hold up better than cheap ones.

27. Aluminum water bottles

Rinsing doesn’t cut it.

28. Ice cube trays

Most you can just dump in the dishwasher, but if you use silicone trays you may have a problem with calcium sulfate buildup. A vinegar and water soak should help you out.

29. Dish racks

Look out for mildew, then kill it with a bleach dilution.

30. Iron

You do iron your clothes, right? Make your iron shiny and new again with baking soda.

31. High chair straps

If you have a baby, you probably wipe down the plastic part regularly…but what aboutthe straps?

32. Bath toys

If they don’t dry completely, they might grow mold. You can use vinegar or bleach.

via buzzfeed