One of the best things about 2015 was the inventions and coolest gadgets that were brought to life. All from around the world there are some crazy inventions that were created that you have no idea exist! Our lives are packed with new products and gadgets that help our everyday lives, will you be hooked to these gadgets from 2015?

With some extremely creative 2015 products like A magical pen that allows you to write or draw in any color, Shoes you can customize using your phone, a device that’ll stop you from snoring, a flashlight that doesn’t need batteries and even a projector that fits into any light socket and turns any flat surface into a big screen so you can watch all your favorite movies!

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Most Coolest Gadgets From 2015

1. A hammock you can take a hot tub in.

It’s a hammock. It’s a hot tub. It’s a hammock that’s *also* a hot tub. Yes, the Hydro Hammock is a real thing that you can hang up in your back yard and sit in until you turn into a giant wrinkled prune of a human. Get your soak on with some squirrels.

Get one here.

2. A ~magical~ pen that allows you to write or draw in any color.

Bored at work? Want to take notes with ink that’s the same color as the latte you’re drinking? That dream can be a reality with the Scribble Pen (a battery-powered smart pen). Scan something (the bruise on your knee, your crush’s beard) and soon you’ll be drawing with ink in that shade.

Pre-order one here.

3. A clock that keeps your memories as well as the time.

The Memory Clock stores digital photos and displays them at the same time they were taken a year later. So if you had one hanging in your living room and you were opening presents with your family on Christmas day, the clock would be displaying the pictures you took when you opened presents *last* year. Crazy cool.

Learn more here.

4. A giant Lite-Brite.

Everbright is actually *better* than a Lite-Brite because there are no removable parts to lose (or step on) and each circle produces every color of the rainbow. Convince your boss to buy one for a wall at work NOW.

Learn more here.

5. Origami pots that grow along with your plants.

Just unfold the pot as your plant flourishes. If your thumb is more black than green, you can just leave it as-is.

Learn more here.

6. Shoes you can customize using your phone.

“What do I want to have on my shoes today? A picture of a dog licking a duck or a slice of swiss cheese? Tough choice….”

Get them here.

7. A collar that will keep your pet safe.

Buddy is a “fully integrated LED dog collar that’s connecting humans to their dogs like never before.” Not only does it track your pet using GPS, it also lights up (so your dog stays visible when he’s out and about after dark).

Get one here.

8. Portable mood lighting that can last for up 80 hours.

Lucis cubes look a bit like the little things you’d collect if you were a character in a video game (“gather 100 and you get another life!”), but they’re actually incredibly powerful and cool LED lights that last for ages and can change into millions (MILLIONS) of different colors.

Get one here.

9. A pair of smart pedals that will stop your bike from being stolen.

After you install an accompanying app, Connected Cycle Pedals will alert you if anyone touches your bike (or tries to take off the lock) even if you’re miles and miles away. If live in an area where bike theft is pretty much a nonoccurence, you can use the pedals and app to record all your ride paths and other biking statistics.

Get some here.

10. The cutest surveillance camera of all time.

Ulo is a surveillance device that looks like an owl: an owl that you’ll want to welcome into your home ASAP. You can use Ulo to keep track of your pets, as a baby cam, or even to check on your plants: just set him (her?) up and watch a live video stream from your phone or computer.

Pre-order one here.

11. A device that’ll stop you from snoring.

Nora comes with an insert you place under your pillow before you go to bed. As you sleep, the insert will gently move your pillow and stop you from snoring before you disturb your bedmate with your snorts and snarfles—they’ll be *so* thankful.

Pre-order one here.

12. Headphones you wear above your ears.

BATBAND allows you to listen to music and be aware of your surroundings at the same time: “you get to hear twice as much, without compromising on comfort, quality or style.” These would be great for city dwellers who need to stay alert, but also want to listen to the Father of the Bride: Part II score while they walk down the sidewalk. What? That’s not what you listen to?

Get one here.

13. A kayak that folds up into a bag.

Tying a kayak onto the roof of your car is always a struggle: skip that skirmish, and buy The Coast by Oru Kayak.

Get one here.

14. A USB port that turns your couch (or bed) into a charging station.

It would be nice if all outlets were conveniently located near the coziest places in your home… but that isn’t often the case: Couchlet to the rescue. It comes with a lonnnnnnnnng cord you plug into the wall, then you tuck the device itself in between the cushions on your couch (or slide it under your mattress) and charge away.

Buy one here.

15. A super skinny cellphone that helps you disconnect.

The Light Phone works in tandem with your existing cellphone to help you go off the grid. You’ll get your important or urgent calls, but you won’t be distracted by Twitter, Instagram, and all the other shit you procrastinate with during the course of a day.

Pre-order one here.

16. A flashlight that doesn’t need batteries.

Batteries: BE GONE! You don’t need ‘em when you have an “eternal” flashlight (likeLumen) that’s powered by the heat of your body.

Learn more here.

17. A levitating lightbulb.

The people at Flyte have “set the lightbulb free” (thanks to the power of magnets). Get one and everyone who sees it sitting in your living room will do a double take.

Pre-order one here.

18. A system to grow fresh food in your home all year long.

The people behind Grove “envision a future where people source most of their food from local farmers, from outside in their garden, and from inside their home”: theirEcosystem is the first step towards that goal.

Learn more here.

19. Plates shaped like all fifty states.

The Fifty United Plates are basically a challenge: could you eat your way through every state? WHY NOT TRY!

Get a single state (or all of them) here.

20. A device that will help you have better posture.

Attach Upright to your back (with a hypoallergenic adhesive) to train yourself to stop slouching (the device vibrates whenever you start to slump).

Get one here.

21. An insanely thin and light solar charger.

Solar Paper is so slight that it can fit into a notebook and so lightweight that you can pack it into your backpack when you go hiking: charging your phone in the wilderness just got a lot easier.

Pre-order one here.

22. Headphones and helmets that light up.

You don’t want to be hit by a car (duh): Lumos helmets and Glow headphones will help keep you safe.

Pre-order the headphones here and the helmet here.

23. A tool that allows you to paint with the sun.

FEBO engraves wood “by focusing sun rays on wood, cork, plywood, leather and much more”: use it to customize all your burnable belongings. Thanks, sun.

Pre-order one here.

24. A lamp that brings the rain indoors.

Are you one of those people who love rainy days? You need the Rain lamp: it “uses water and an intricately designed pump system to create a shimmering, ripple effect.”

Get one here.

25. A sugar bowl that’s also a snow globe.

Shake shake shake señora, shake your sugar bowl.

Get one here.

26. A projector that fits into any light socket and turns any flat surface into a big screen.

So easy to set up. So easy to bring movie night on the go.

Pre-order one here.

27. A suitcase that expands into a shelf.

Frequent traveler? Now you can bring your closet on the road.

Get one here.

28. An automated jello shot maker.

Some people mock jello shots, but 85% of those mockers *truly* enjoy getting drunk via a delicious and jiggly treat. Jevo is a machine that makes jello shots in MINUTES (like a Keurig machine that’ll get you wasted).

Reserve one here.

29. A device that turns your phone into your house key.

Sesame is so much better than a door knocker. After it’s attached, you can use an app to lock (and unlock) your door… or even set it so ~certain~ people can come in (your boyfriend, for instance). The app also keeps a log of when the door opens or closes (so “you’ll always know exactly who’s coming and going – and exactly when”).

Get one here.

30. A pen that transfers what you write on any surface onto a computer screen.

There are plenty of tablets and styluses that allow you to write on a screen, but thePhree pen makes the whole process even easier. You write on a table (or the arm of your chair or a book cover or even someone’s stomach) and whatever you write shows up on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Pre-order one here.

31. A button that allows you to perform any action with a simple click.

What do you want Flic to do? Call a cab? Take a picture? Play music? Control a light? Send a distress signal? You can set up a button to do all of those things (and many more).

Buy one here.

32. An electronic orchestra for your guitar.

Attach ACPAD onto your acoustic guitar and you’ll instantly be able to play “hundreds of instruments, samples, effects and loops.”

Learn more here.

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