Book lovers can now rejoice with these products that will bring some added book themed home decor, gifts and accessories into your lives! If you love reading books or know a book lover why not buy them a special gift the’ll truly love!

While many of us are reading e-books these days, there’s nothing quite like having an actual paper book in your home! These 32 Products That All Book Lovers Need In Their Home list some brilliant products like a Book themed cutting board, an Olde Book Pillow Classics or even a Great Drinkers of Literature Shot Glass Set!

These gifts for book lovers are quite adorable and fun!

1. Book Stair Decals

You name the book and the owner of this shop will whip up a decal for you.

Price: $25+

2. Romeo & Julienne Cutting Board

Just slide it onto a shelf with your cookbooks when you’re not using it.

Price: $29

4. Stacked Paperback Wallpaper

Your shelves are covered in books, and now your walls will be too.

Price: $248

5. Literary Figure Cushions

Sit on your couch with your literary heroes (don’t worry: Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and Emily Dickinson won’t judge you for watching Netflix instead of reading).

Price: $42

6. A Map of Ice and Fire Rug

A necessary purchase for the home of any A Song of Ice and Fire fan (whether you identify as more of a Stark or a Lannister).

Price: $28

7. Custom Painting of Your Bookshelf

Artist Jane Mount will do a custom painting of “the books that made you who you are today.”

Price: $315

8. Olde Book Pillow Classics

A book you can *truly* cuddle up with…

Price: $17.99 to $49.99

9. Pride & Prejudice Throw

…and a blanket to keep you even cozier.

Price: $75

10. Book-Shaped Dishware

Prepare a recipe from this cookbook to serve on this bookish dishware.

Price: $9.99 to $24.99

11. Love Letter Napkins

Each of these linen love letters are written by a famous author (like Jack London or D.H. Lawrence).

Price: $50

12. Writers and Readers Laptop Decal

A removable “skin” for your trusty computer (or iPad).

Price: $30

13. Tawny Scrawny Lion Throw Pillow

The Land of Nod has a whole collection inspired by the Little Golden Books you read as a child.

Price: $39

14. Gertrude Stein Beer Stein

Just like the one from Parks and Recreation.

Price: $24

15. Reading Gals Wall Clock

Time flies when you’re reading…but when you come up for air, you can check and see just how *much* it flew on this clock.

Price: $24

16. Peeta’s Cakes Candle

Eau de Mellark.

Price: $12

17. John Green’s Books Print

For anyone who reads John Green’s books over and over and over again.

Price: $14

18. Terracotta Bookend Vases

They keep your books upright *and* house plants.

Price: $20.95

19. Reading-Related Key Tags

Home is where the books are, so you want to be sure that you keep track of your key.

Price: $15

20. Practical Guide to Spells and Wizardry Print

If you can’t hop on a train to Hogwarts, this print will have to do.

Price: $55

21. Eat Sleep Read Duvet Cover

The three necessities of life.

Price: $99

22. Sainted Writers Prayer Candles

Here are candles for Junot Diaz, Alison Bechdel, and Toni Morrison. You’ll find over 70 other authors in the shop, from Judy Blume and J.K. Rowling to George R.R. Martin and Stephen King.

Price: $12

23. Montague and Targaryen Pennants

Support your “team.”

Price: $15

24. Book Map

This intricately designed street map is “made up from the titles of over 600 books from the history of English Literature (and a few favorites from further afield).”

Price: $38

25. Jane Pawsten Nightlight

Someone already wrote Pride and Prejudice and Zombies…but what aboutMansfield Cat? Now there’s an idea.

Price: $20

26. Dr. Seuss Wall Decals

A quote from the rhyming king.

Price: $12

27. Great Drinkers of Literature Shot Glass Set

Get wasted with W.B. Yates and Dorothy Parker.

Price: $16.95

28. First Edition Artwork

These giant canvas prints are the exact replicas of the first-edition spines of a variety of books.

Price: $199

29. Miniature Author Dolls

Here we have Margaret Atwood, Sylvia Plath, and Langston Hughes, but you’ll find almost 300 (!!!!) other authors in the shop.

Price: $47

30. Lord of the Rings Sign

Although if you really want to come in, you should probably just ring the doorbell.

Price: $44

31. Sleep Is Good but Books Are Better Pillow

Isn’t it the truth?

Price: $25

32. Sloth Wall Tapestry

For anyone who loves sloths as much as they love books.

Price: $79

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