Normally DIY Projects look fantastic, but if you want to make your DIY Projects look expensive and fancy – you’ll need to go that extra mile!

Ranging from how to make hexagon dining table, turn an empty wall into an art gallery with framed marbleized artwork or even transforming your boring pillows into something super classy with golden brush strokes.

You may think can expensive do-it-yourself projects will cost you lots of money, but these projects explain how you can use budget materials that are affordable to get that expensive look.

Table of Contents

1. Turn a mirror into a giant gemstone.

Shine bright like a diamond when you check to see if you’ve got something stuck in your teeth.

Full tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

2. Form some plant pockets to hang on your wall.

These are made using Crayola air-dry clay — the kind you find in the kids art supply section!

Full tutorial at Designlovefest.

3. Stitch a table runner into a lumbar pillow.

You can always find table runners for sale at places like Target (because — let’s be real — most people don’t use them) and pillows are among easiest things to sew.

Full tutorial at Francois et Moi.

4. Turn some copper pipe into a geometric side table.

When you’re done, you could make a matching pendant light.

Full tutorial at Brittany Makes.

5. Make a “rose gold” mousepad for your office.

Your desk will be at least 4x more fancy.

Full tutorial at Earnest Home Co.

6. Decorate a tray with Matisse-inspired foliage.

You’ll feel very smug when people ask you if you bought it at the MoMA gift shop.

Full tutorial at Hello Lidy.

7. Not a fan of modern art? Cover a tray with polka dots instead.

You don’t want pink spots on your face, but on a tray? Definitely.

Full tutorial at Sarah Hearts.

8. Dip-dye some boring napkins.

Full tutorial at Erika Rax.

9. Or outfit them with golden scalloped edges.

Use leather (or pleather) for scallops to avoid fraying.

Full tutorial at Sarah Hearts.

10. Roll up your napkins using these DIY faux ceramic rings.

You probably don’t have a kiln at your house, but there’s a *pretty* good chance you have an oven: These are made using polymer clay.

Full tutorial at Almost Makes Perfect.

11. Upgrade an Ikea PS 2014 plant stand with wooden trays.

Quite the improvement.

Full tutorial at Sugar & Cloth.

12. Outfit your porch (or even your living room) with a DIY hanging lounge chair.

Swinging shouldn’t be solely confined to outdoor spaces.

Full tutorial at The Merry Thought.

13. Make some airy planters for your air plants.

This project is great for people who aren’t very crafty *or* very good at keeping plants alive: The planters are easy to make and air plants are easy to care for.

Full tutorial at Homey Oh My.

14. Paint watercolor designs onto inexpensive white plates.

Just be sure that the paint you choose is food and oven safe (like this kind is).

Full tutorial at Sugar and Charm.

15. Or watercolor a clock instead.

This color scheme looks a bit like a sunset.

Full tutorial at Makers Society.

16. Assemble a hexagon dining table.

Square and circle tables are *over*.

Full tutorial at Hello Lidy.

17. Keep the hexagon theme going with this DIY vanity tray.

A stylish way to stay organized.

Full tutorial at Sugar & Cloth.

18. Put your rock collection to good use as knobs for decorative boxes.

Any knickknack would be honored to be stored in these.

Full tutorial at Homey Oh My.

19. Make a marbled box that will be perfect for storing your jewelry collection in.

If you’re *really* crazy about the marbled look, cover the outside of the box as well.

Full tutorial at Annabode.

20. Brighten up a room with this DIY copper and wood hanging light.

Beautiful lighting is expensive, but copper and wood pieces you can find at any hardware store are not. Get crafty.

Full tutorial at Vintage Revivals.

21. Give some plain bowls an Anthropologie-style makeover.

No one will know that you actually got them at the dollar store.

Full tutorial at The Lovely Drawer.

22. Construct a pegboard to keep your entryway organized.

Just add more pegs as needed.

Full tutorial at The Merry Thought.

23. Whip up some elegant salt and pepper shakers using contact paper.

In five minutes you’ll be ready to season your dinner with style.

Full tutorial at Brit + Co.

24. Turn an empty wall into an art gallery with framed marbleized artwork.

Here are some helpful hints for hanging a gallery wall.

Full tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

25. Display your plant collection (or *any* collection) on DIY copper shelves.

If you can’t find copper sheeting at any of your local home improvement stores, check out this website.

Full tutorial at Vintage Revivals.

26. Use a pencil eraser to create polka dots on your pillowcases.

Yes, a pencil eraser! It’s the perfect stamping device.

Full tutorial at Creature Comforts.

27. Transform a basic chest of drawers into antique-style multidrawer map cabinets.

Because — let’s face it — map drawers like this are never going to show up at your local thrift store.

Full tutorial at The Painted Hive.

28. Build a table with a secret compartment.

Perfect for storing magazines, remote controls, or candy. Yeah, probably candy.

Full tutorial at Sugar & Cloth.

29. Give your wall-mount sink an elegant upgrade with gold legs.

After adding the legs, simply paint your other hardware to match.

Full tutorial at Lovely Indeed.

30. Turn a plain basket into a picnic basket you’ll use all summer.

Al fresco dining in style.

Full tutorial at Lovely Indeed.

31. Whip up a rope coil basket to store your stuff in.

No sewing required!

Full tutorial at Alice & Lois.

32. Assemble a skyscraper of a planter using wooden dowels.

Nice legs.

Full tutorial at Monsterscircus.

33. Cover a pillow with golden brush strokes.

It’s always fun to add the Midas touch to your decor.

Full tutorial at Designlovefest.

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