There are so many creative furniture designs and beautiful desk ideas are no exception. Many materials can make a functional desk, today we’ll be looking at some desk design ideas that save space and are packed with great features all designers will love.

Many of us need a desk that meets our needs, it may be having a special storage compartment that helps make our lives easier, or it may even be the size and style of the desk that speaks to us.

We’ve found some of the best desk design ideas that don’t only look special and stylish, they also will make your work life so much easier! Some of these desks are large, while some are small and work as a one-man workstation.

Genius Desk Design Ideas


Photo by Mark Scott/Ideal Home/IPC+ Syndication


Photo by Lucinda Symons/Country Homes and Interiors/IPC+ Syndication


Photo by Caroline Arber/Homes & Gardens/IPC+ Syndication