Looking for some cool DIY Projects for teens? Being a real teen means working with sports, juggling school or music practice, and just being on the go generally.

These are your golden years. These DIY crafts for adolescents are easy and enjoyable – and you will really need to make them. So I’ve put together this insanely amazing roundup of great and smart craft ideas there is plenty of dumb lists out there. Have fun!

1. How To Make Letter Art With Thumb Tacks

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We picked up thumb tacks at the dollar store for this quick, inexpensive and stylish decor. Design your DIY craft with the word of your choice.

2. How To Make DIY Coasters Out Of Instagram Prints

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Make a statement with your favorite photos! Plus, you get to share and enjoy them.

3. Tiny Succulent Cork Planters

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We love tiny little crafts and we love succulents. What more could you ask for than a craft that uses both?

4. Duct Tape 101

(For more awesome DIY duct tape ideas, check out our post on the basics of duct tape making).

Here are some cool things you can make with some duct tape and a little patience. You can make lot’s of really neat stuff.

Here’s a simple video if you’re having trouble:

5. How To Make A Flower Pen Using Duct Tape

Aren’t these flowers super fun? I can’t wait to try to make my own using different colors that I like.

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6. How To Do Nail Tape Art

This is a great slumber party favorite. Impress your friends with your tape art know-how.

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7. DIY “Play Ball!” Baseball Bracelet

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A great gift idea for girls or boys – it’s up to you. All you need is an old baseball and you can make this simple bracelet. Check out how it’s done:

8. Tie Dye T Shirt Using Sharpie Markers and Rubber Bands

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All you need for this is a mason jar, rubber bands, alcohol, and some creativity.

9. Sharpie Mug Ideas (Cool gifts for your friends).

Love, love, LOVE this blog. Her idea is so cute.

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1o. How To Make A Rideable Easy Segway

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While this may look like a time consuming project, instructables.com tutorial assures that this can be done at age 12+! What a fun weekend project.

11. How to Build A Drone

This project may take some adult supervision. I would say ages 15+ can probably build this with a little bit of help! How cool are they?

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12. DIY Phone Cases You’ll Actually Want To Make

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13. Galaxy Printed T Shirts

Seriously!? This is so cool and I can’t believe I’ve never thought of it. All you need is a little bleach and voila. You have your own galaxy printed shirt. Check out how its done on byhandlondon’sblog.

 14. How To Build A Ship In A Bottle

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15. How To Make Ramen Noodles Relatively Healthy

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Here’s a basic survival guide to living off Ramen noodles. If you add a few ingredients you can have Ramen everyday (Well, sort of).

16. But First…Let me make Guacamole.

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17. How to Make Homemade Queso

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This is the easiest darn queso recipe you ever did see! Cheese addicts beware.

18. DIY Custom Colored Candy

Who doesn’t love sugar? Check out this awesome custom colored candy tutorial on papervinezblog.

19. Custom Wrapped Text Books

(Note: This is only for personal text books as the Modge Podge will ruin the covers!)

How cool are these patterns? You can make your own custom patterns or buy craft paper from your local craft store. Thanks for the lovely photos, gorgfabgoodies.

20. How To Make A Real Peony Headband

So the website may look like it’s solely for bridal pieces, but something there is something very wearable about this piece. You can custom choose whichever flower you’d like on it. Perhaps a sunflower? Check out how it’s done here


21. How To Easily Stud Your Duds

Check out these awesome Chuck Taylor’s! I’ve seen them being sold in the store and they can be pricey. Save yourself some money and make your own at home.

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22. DIY Easy Rings

23. DIY Designer Inspired Horn Earring

Ok, so you want to look cool and might not be ambitious enough to gauge your ear holes. No worries. Thanks to runwaydiy and this awesome how to tutorial you don’t have to! Check it out.

24. How To Make DIY Friendship Bracelets

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25. How To Make A Duct Taped Purse

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26. How To Make A Bowl Out Of A Balloon and Confetti

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This may look like a cool project for little kids, which it is, but it is actually a super looking craft that even adults enjoy making. This one uses confetti, a balloon and regular school glue to make a beautiful, unique bowl. For those so included, you can make your own custom colored confetti, either with a hole punch or scissors, and then create a confetti bowl in the colors of your choice.

27. Make Chocolate Banana Pops

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Yum! These look so delicious! A somewhat healthy treat for the athlete on the go.

 28. How To Make A DIY Tin Lantern

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29. How To Make Teen Subway Art

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Make a lovely collage of all your favorite quotes and sayings to get you through the day. Very cute and inexpensive to make!

30. How To Make Wooden Stamped Hangers

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31. Make Some More Coasters With Chalkboard Paint

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First, you need to make chalkboard paint, check out:

How to Make Chalkboard Paint

Then, check out the tutorial for these cool coasters that allow you to draw whatever you’d like on them.

32. How To Do Water Marble Nail Art

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33. Draw On Some Rocks With Sharpie

If you’re artistic this is kind of the perfect gift idea.

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34. Simple DIY Refrigerator Magnets

These are just the cutest thing! Check out the awesome how to tutorial here 

35. DIY Candle Holder Out Of A Soup Can

This idea is super cool. All you need is a tea light. Up cycle an old soup can and voila! You have your own DIY candle holder

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36. How To Make Mustache Cake Pops

These are adorable! I have to try these at home some time…

recipe courtesy of lusciousconfections

photos courtesy of thepintsizedbaker

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