Many of us admire beautiful examples of landscape photography, but how many of us leave our expensive cameras to collect dust and never use them? Every now and then we all need a hobby to help fulfil our time and maybe Photography can be the answer.

To help you become inspired and motivation we want to show you some stunning landscape photography from around the globe. These photos should help you get out the door with your camera and motivate you to get into nature and go back to basics when photography. Mother nature makes for a beautiful canvas! Why not enjoy it’s glory, you can start by taking pictures when the lighting is just right. This is usually best at dawn or dusk and helps to bring in more depth. Low contrast captures more depth in nature making your photo reach it’s greatest.

Take a look through these 37 Beautiful Examples of Landscape Photography and see which photo inspires you! Share your own landscape photography with us!

Genova Landscape


Photo by Luca Rosacura

Surreal Landscape


Photo by Awstein

Romania Landscape


Photo by el1as

Shiny Landscape


Photo by Juhku

Infrared Landscape Part III


Photo by knechtrootrecht

foggy landscape


Photo by anaid-anael

Landscapes Wallpaper-Pack


Photo by Miguel-Santos

The Road Goes Ever On & On

Photo by Gary McParland

Fields of Gold

Photo by Allard One

Tunnel of Love

Photo by Oleg Gordienko

Japan Flower Park

Photo by

Netherlands Flower Park

Photo by

Wisteria Tunnel at Pinces Gardens

Photographer unknown

In the Mist’s..

Photo by Michal Ostrowski

On the Field`s Appeal

Photo by Pawel Kucharski

Under A Blood Red Sky

Photo by Ian Sane

Rain of Spring

Photo by Kouji Tomihisa

Rapeseed And the Tree

Photo by aspheric.lens

A Twankly Mess

Photo by â„¢ Pacheco


Photo by Erasmus T

Lost In an Ocean of Red

Photo by powerfocusfotografie


Photo by sullivanâ„¢

They Thought That It Was a Spring

Photo by Pawel Kucharski

Black Forest

Photo by andy linden

Lavender Sunrise

Photo by Antony Spencer


Photo by B’Rob

Trees Watching Sunrise

Photo by Larry Lefever

Fields of Tea

Photographer unknown

Blue Pond & First Snow

Photo by Kent Shiraishi

Autumn With Tractor

Photo by pawel uchorczak


Photo by Lina Gunawan

Bluebell Sunrise

Photo by Antony Spencer

Painting of Nature

Photo by hardibudi

Red District

Photo by Ales Komovec

La Magie d’Ayguebonne

Photo by Florent Courty

Magic Forest

Photo by deep21

Maravian Field

Photo by Marek Kiedrowski