Ridding Your Premises Of Pests Naturally

Pests are everywhere, and they likely aren’t a feature of our existence that can be totally eradicated. However, there are things you can do to repel them from your premises without poisoning the air, or making loved ones sick. Some experts take serious issue with “toxic” pest control. Following we’ll briefly explore four ways to get rid of four different pests naturally.

1. Broadside Flies With Basil

Flies don’t like Basil. However, humans don’t mind it so much. As a matter of fact, many culinary schools demand its use. So you can kill two birds with one stone by using basil to repel flies. Put it in windows and doors where the bugs may enter, and around areas of the home where they could congregate.

You can use fresh basil if you like, it’s probably a better idea to use dried basil in a small but porous pouch. You put the powdered leaves in the pouch, and rub it where you want to dissuade the flies. It’s the same principle as catnip in a sock, basically. You can use a sock, in fact. It might be wiser to go with something like muslin, though.

2. Citrous And Spiders Don’t Mix

Spiders like bugs, but they don’t like lemons. Here’s what you do: put some citrus at doorways. Put it on the sides of the door, the header, and the jamb. Spritz citrus in crevices, and wherever you expect spiders to be. If you’re bold, get a spray-bottle and sprits all over their webs, and in the holes you know they hide in.

3. Dust Mites Hate Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil mixed in denatured alcohol and water can do a lot to help you be rid of dust mites. You only need a few drops of the cinnamon oil, go 50/50 on the water and alcohol. Spray this mixture through an atomizer onto whatever surfaces you expect may be infested with dust mites. Additionally, you might use a little cinnamon essential oil on yourself.

The aroma of many essential oils is strong to a human; it’s unbearable to a tiny insect. Imagine a bathtub full of cinnamon oil. How long would you be able to stand it? Wouldn’t the stench make your eyes water from several feet away? We like cinnamon, generally—but too much of it is stifling! Well, if you’re in an insect, a drop is the size of a bath to us.

Not only cinnamon oil can be used in this deterrent capacity. You can also use essential oils like lavender or mint to drive away bugs like mosquitoes. There are a whole family of essential oils out there that keep the bugs away, and they make you smell good simultaneously. You might look into such an approach.

4. Roaches, Baking Soda, And Sugar

Start with about a quarter cup of sugar. Mix in a quarter cup of baking soda. Now you’ve got a half cup, total. Take that mixture and sprinkle it where you think the roaches are. They’ll eat up the sugar, ingest the baking soda, and have their insides severely impacted. This is one of the cleaner ways of roach management; here are more if you’ve got a major roach problem.


Killing Pests, Not Your Health

You want to live in as pest-free an environment as you can. However, there are some pest-reduction methods that are better than others. Going the natural route is wise. Four options explored here include baking soda and sugar to repel roaches, essential oils for varying insects, citrus to scare spiders, and anti-fly basil.

Find other options that fit your needs as pests come. Generally, keeping a clean home will prevent most pests; but sometimes in a shared living environment, you don’t have that option. Having natural means of pest control available makes a lot of sense.