The internet has taken the world by storm. From carrying out basic day-to-day tasks like online shopping to establishing an entire enterprise, this amazing technology has taken over our lives. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that now our lives completely depend on the internet. Of course, it has turned everything around for us. It has given us more facilities than we can even count. But everything comes at a price and in this case, it is the fact that our security is always at stake.

You will be surprised to know that not many people are aware of internet security or the lack thereof, in a few cases. You can easily fall victim to hacking, identity theft, breaches, or viruses that can infect your devices and give access to your valuable information to the culprits.

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Internet security is no joke and in order to ensure you are not exposed to hackers, we have put together a list of some effective tips. So, without any delays, let’s get started!

Use Multiple Firewalls

It may come as a surprise to you but routers do have built-in firewalls that can provide you with an added layer of security from any kind of attack. To enable it, you will have to change the settings. For this, take a look at Network Address Translation (NAT) and make sure the firewall is activated.

But don’t stop at it. Instead, you need to install a firewall on your devices as well. You can either go for the ones that are available for free or purchase software that includes an antivirus or security suite. Moreover, you should also enable the firewall that is already present on your devices. This built-in firewall comes after the installation of the operating system.

Use a Disposable Email Address

You have had one email since high school and you probably have been using it to sign up on every website you visit regularly, right? Now you are probably getting spam or fraudulent emails constantly that can put your identity to risk even if you only click on the mail.

Practically every website requires an email address. Do you need to download a book? Enter an email. Do you need to see if a certain product is in stock? Enter your email. Literally every website – sooner or later – asks for an email address. Now, the thing is, not every website can be trusted. And this is why you need to be very careful about the sites you give your personal information.

To save yourself from this, you can use disposable temporary email generators that provide you an email ID you can enter to random sites, which are probably not going to use much in the future. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about getting emails from random platforms.

Use Strong Passwords

This one is common knowledge. Everyone knows how important it is to have a strong password. Your date of birth is easy to guess and Password123 is easy to crack. Now, typically when people think of a strong password, they imagine it to have at least two letters in capitals, and a number or two added in between the words. THIS IS NOT A STRONG PASSWORD, FOLKS!

A strong password should follow the below-mentioned criteria.

  • The length of the password must be 12 characters long
  • A combination of uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Combination of numbers and special characters
  • It should ideally be a short form of a long phrase
  • Should not be related to your personal information
  • You should have a unique password for each account
  • Should not contain memorable keyboard paths

By keeping these points under consideration, you can create a strong password that will play its role in saving you from getting hacked.

Check Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN connections can be a lifesaver. A good Virtual Private Network (VPN) makes sure your online activity can remain untraceable and the information regarding it does not get leaked. With this being enabled on your devices, you can do several activities that do not put your security to stake.

Online transactions become non-threatening, especially when you are using public Wi-Fi. Just make sure to turn your VPN on wherever you go, and then take advantage of free internet!

What’s more, VPN also allows you to access content that has been restricted in your specific region. Say, Disney+ is restricted in your country. Now, what you need to do is, install a good VPN, enable it, and then revisit this streaming service. You can then enjoy all the content available on this streaming site.

The Bottom Line

The world has become digitalized completely and all credit goes to the internet. Everything we do involves this technology, in one or another. So, it is always advisable that you make sure your connection and online activities are secured to the maximum. For this, you can take the abovementioned precautionary measures to protect yourself from any kind of danger that lurks on the internet.